Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wintertime Round-Up

It's the first day of Spring!  Back in December, I started did a round-up post with all of my autumnal outfits.  Now that the vernal equinox is upon us, I decided to bid adieu to winter with a round-up that features my favorite outfits from the past few months.  Here's hoping that warmer weather is on its way!


December Favorite: Haul out the holly
Runner-up: White Christmas


Runner-up: Out on the lanai


February Favorite: Valentine
Runner-up: Baby Be Mine

This winter was the first time I braved the icy temperatures and snow drifts and took photos outside, and one thing's for certain: I'll be overjoyed to not have to incorporate boots into my outfits anymore!  I think I managed to do pretty well in terms of posting actively, despite the less-than-perfect Upstate weather.  I was also ecstatic to be able to escape to Florida for a week on vacation, which allowed for both flats and a welcome change in scenery (and temperature).  This winter welcomed new followers, new friends, and a new boy in my life.  Despite having a rough autumn, I'm finding my stride and my strength again, and although there are things that scare me about the not-to-distant future, I'm excited to see where things are headed.  I always remind myself to find the joy in life, and there's nothing more representative of that to me than spring being on its way! 

I hope you have a wonderful first day of spring!
xox Sammi


  1. Such colorful and cute outfits! I love how you're not a bit afraid to wear bright colors and shorter skirts even when its cold out.
    Such a welcome sight you must be to others when they see you out in the winter!!


  2. You have fabulous taste in skirts and dresses! I absolutely love every single one of them! They're all so feminine, the colours and prints are gorgeous, they all look wonderfully swingy, are beautifully tailored, and have a lovely shape and/or drape. You look beautiful in every single one of them.


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