Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Haul out the holly

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth (old, similar here)
Dream of the Crop Cardigan: ModCloth (old)
Coat: ModCloth (old, similar here)
Snowflake necklace: Forever Bella Jewelry
Bracelet: American Eagle (old)
Bow headband: Kohl's (old)
Boots: Ugg brand (old)

Full disclosure: this is kind of a photo-heavy post!  Sorry!  I just love rediscovering items in my closet.  This dress was one of those forgotten ones in the way back.  I hadn't worn it since last Christmas, but since last night was the holiday party for the orchestra I work for, I was so glad I finally had another occasion for which I could dust it off.  My mom and I both work for the orchestra (she does public relations work for them, and I work in the box office), so I ended up going with my parents for a little while.  There weren't a ton of people I knew there (the box office is kind of its own little world, separate from the administrative offices), but I had fun -- despite the fact I generally hate mingling and am honestly still a kind of shy person at heart.  

I'm so enchanted with this little snowflake necklace from Forever Bella Jewelry!  Although I tend to love loud prints and over-the-top kitschiness, I actually gravitate towards daintier jewelry.  I was searching for something simple and seasonal, and this delicate little snowflake necklace caught my eye.  It's even daintier in person than I thought it'd be, which was a welcome surprise.  There are tons of adorable little necklaces in this shop, and the shipping was incredibly fast!  

I feel very "ugh" towards these Uggs.  They're old (and kind of a ubiquitous sight, here in this frozen tundra of a place), and I would never buy them now, but they are warm and durable.  I've ruined enough pairs of shoes by now that I need to wear unfashionable boots when the snow piles up like this.  Luckily, these don't look totally offensive with this outfit, but here are the shoes I *actually* wore to the party -- a big improvement, I think.  They're from ModCloth (no longer available, sadly).

Side note: found a place in my room where the lighting isn't completely horrible!

I can hardly believe that Christmas is a week away!  I have to finish wrapping a few gifts (and I always feel that I haven't gotten enough for people), and we have to do some baking, and cleaning, of course.  But our holiday is always pretty low key -- which I've come to enjoy.  I always get dressed up for Christmas Eve, but we never even leave the house!  I'll use any excuse to get dolled up.  :)

Have a great Wednesday!  
xox Sammi

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  1. This dress looks SO good on you! I love the color and fit. Also I've done a bit of damage to nice shoes wearing them outside in bad weather for photos, so I'm not judgin those Uggs one bit.


  2. Love your outfit! Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone and going to that party. It can be so hard to mingle with people when you don't know many. I'm not good at that either. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! p.s. I just signed up for the great giveaway!

  3. This dress looks absolutely amazing on you, the colour is SO perfect for you!! I love the shade of lipstick too. Such a great combination :)

  4. How the heck did this dress get lost in your closet, it's absolutely gorgeous! I don't blame you for wearing the Uggs, I probably would have done the same thing. I do love those gold shoes though, they're perfect for a holiday party!

  5. What a gorgeous dress! Love the lace (embroidery?). And the colour, of course :) I actually love the way the coat looks with it as well. It's a nice contrast of rustic and polished. Same goes for the boots! I quite like boots with dresses!

    Jenny Lee

  6. You'll never hear a peep out of my about photo heavy posts. I adore seeing the different elements and angles at work in an outfit, especially when they're as awesomely pretty as your are here. These photos, bathed in winter sunlight and delicate snowflakes are breathtaking!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Beautiful photos! What a lovely festive dress!

  8. You look great! That dress is soooo cute - I definitely think it's perfect for Christmas!!

  9. Sammi, you are seriously working that deep red lipstick!

    Love, Amy

  10. I love this shade of green. It's one of the few shades of green that I like, and it's perfect for the season. :) I'm still awaiting some Christmas presents to arrive and then I'm gonna have to wrap them, but other than that I'm pretty much done! I can't believe it's just a week away!

  11. I like this whole outfit, but that coat and dress are a match made in heaven! Lovely.

    Christmas is coming up SO soon!

  12. Totally feeling the Christmas spirit in this outfit! You look beautiful as always :)


  13. That dress is seriously gorgeous, and very festive for the season!

  14. Your room looks absolutely lovely! And I love this dress. That crop cardigan looks great with it, and so do those flats. I'm really not a fan of Ugg boots myself, but I do see tons of people wearing them so they must be warm! I'm a pretty shy person myself, social setting just make my palms sweat. But I'm glad you had fun, and you really looked lovely! Happy holidays!


    Kalie H.

  15. You are quite possibly the cutest thing ever in this dress! And that necklace is darling! I'm so envious of your beautiful snow too!


  16. This green dress is STUNNING. I love the embroidery on the bottom!

    Xo, Hannah

  17. Love this dress, and all the colors in the outfit. Especially with the coat!


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