Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites #42

It's officially spring now (finally!), so I guess it's okay for me to launch full force into my pastel-loving tendencies.  I ordered new pastel periwinkle glasses this week online (I've never ordered real glasses online, only fake readers, so I'm a little nervous!), and I can't get enough of the hues my mom feels are associated with Easter.  Here are some of my favorite frocks and finds from this week:

      A    //    B    //    C

I love all three pairs of these springy heels!  BAIT Footwear and Miss L-Fire are two of the best retro-inspired shoe brands out there, in my opinion.  I'm especially crushing on those mint ones!  These cherry wedges are also by Miss L-Fire, and they are a thing of beauty:
While we're on the subject of fruit-wear, I have to mention this gingham dress with the watermelon collar (which is showing up on everyone's wish lists this week -- for good reason!):

In fact, there were a ton of food-related novelty print dresses to be found this week!  This particular dress has a breakfast print on it (complete with pancakes, donuts and bacon!):

I absolutely love this candy print dress from eShakti:
My favorite has to be this popsicle print dress from Emily and Fin.  I love that it comes in two versions!  I'm hoping that this dress will be carried at ModCloth or ASOS, since both retailers often have Emily and Fin dresses (and these are only available for pre-order on another website).

one // two

Donut socks!  And I really love those sheer blush socks, too.
       a // b

This dress isn't strictly concerned with edibles, but I'm lusting after this fairground print dress by Hell Bunny!  It's also available in a different version (which I might like slightly better) here.  I'm fairly certain one of them needs to find its way into my wardrobe, somehow.
Some other great novelty print dresses from this week include this pool party print dress (also from Emily and Fin, and available only for pre-order)...

a // b

... And these two lovely dresses from Poppy (the one on the left is boats in a dock, and then second has different types of helium balloons):
1 // 2

Speaking of balloons, I'm completely obsessed with these balloon tights!

I love these fanciful sweatshirts!
a // b

Anything with scallops will usually have my vote... and this bowl from Target definitely does:
Although I adore both of these light blue dresses, the one with the scalloped collar has my heart:
one // two

Mint scalloped shorts?!  Want!

I love all three of these pastel beauties from Lindy Bop!
1 // 2 // 3

And this swimsuit would make me feel like a pastel bathing beauty!
I love these quirky, pink home accessories!  Especially the bunny stapler!
a // b // c

I yo-yo back and forth between choosing mint or lavender as my favorite color... and these items are edging lavender into the lead this week:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

Thanks to Kristina of Twee Valley High, I desperately want this gorgeous book!
Finally, I love this little story about a man in the UK who was scammed out of his money for a PS3... and in retaliation, he's texted the seller 22 of Shakespeare's complete plays.  Amazing.

That's all for now!  I hope you have a fantastic Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. What a beautiful book cover! And I am super into Pastel's right now too! Gotta love B.A.I.T. shoes! All your picks are just adorable!

  2. Those three pastel dresses are so so cute! I think you should get one and I should get one and we should be pastel cupcakes together. :) :)

  3. Thanks for the shoutout doll! Everything on this list is wonderful as usual! xo

  4. You have the best taste!! I definitely put some of these things on my wish list!!

  5. lovely findings. thanx for sharing

  6. AMAZING prints as usual! I love the watermelon dress and NEED those balloon tights asap! Have a great weekend :)
    xo Hannah

  7. oh my gosh, I need those target bowls! SCALLOPS!!!!! <333

  8. I just kept scrolling and falling more in love with everything. I especially want a pair of those balloon tights, I'm swooning!

  9. Lovely, bright choices. I have my beady eye on those ASOS scalloped shorts. [So broke right now! :'-( ] Those mint ones are very pretty.

  10. I wanted that breakfast dress the as soon as I saw it. I hope it can make it into my closet this season.

  11. Uggggh Sammi you're killing me!!! All them scallops and gingham and prints and cherries... this is my perfect wishlist.


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