Friday, February 14, 2014


Outfit Details:
Red dress: swap from Dus
Upper West Stride Hat: ModCloth
Baby biscuit bag: Storenvy
Lips ring: Forever 21 (similar here)
White boots: eBay

This is one of the very rare occasions where I actually wear what I'm featuring on the blog on the same day.  There's usually a significant lag between when I take photos and when I actually post them, but because this gorgeous dress from Dus was so perfect for this holiday, I just had to save it to wear today after taking photos earlier in the week.  I'm working at the box office and then seeing the concert (they're playing all of the orchestrations of Singin' in the Rain while the movie is playing -- it's so cool how they use technology to make sure it all syncs up perfectly!), so I had to look festive!

This dress isn't as slimming in the waist as I usually like my dresses to be, but I actually don't mind it in this case, because it's so dreamy otherwise!  It's too hard to tell, but the neckline is actually scalloped, and the shoulders are puffed, which makes it even more darling.  I love the way that Dus styled this dress on her blog, and Marisa styled it over at Flock Together recently with such flair.  It never ceases to amaze me how seemingly statement pieces can be so versatile.  I daresay that I end up wearing things in less creative ways than some of the FT girls, but I try to put a unique spin on the styling!

What's funny is that I thought I'd feel down about being alone on Valentine's Day this year... but I've come to realize that I'm really not alone.  I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love and care about me -- genuine, kind-hearted people that bring such joy into my life.  And I'd much rather have that than just any old someone to kiss today, just because it's the 14th of February and everyone tells us we're inferior if we don't have someone to share it with.  I have always loved this holiday, but I'm not going to feel sad simply because I technically don't have a sweetheart.  I feel happy and hopeful.  And it surprises even me.

I hope your day is happy & hopeful too, and filled with love.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!
xoxox Sammi


  1. You look beautiful! I love the lace on that dress. c:
    Happy valentines day!


  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Sammi! So, so happy to see you feeling hopeful and happy. You look beautiful as always!

    Love, Amy

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Sammi! I absolutely adore how you chose to wear this!

  4. Aww you look so beautiful!! xoxo


  5. This is one of my recent favorites you've posted! I can't tell which is cuter - the hat, the purse or the dress! So frickin' darrrrling!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  6. I love how you styled this dress!! And I'm the same... I rarely actually wear the outfits the day my post is up.
    And as for being alone on valentine's day... don't feel bad about it. It's really just another day. We don't even celebrate it!
    xox Jana

  7. love this on you so much Sammi!! the little beret is just perfect in that winter wonderland! & i totally agreed about the waistline so I belted it, but i think i might end up getting it tailored actually. i feel like we have pretty similar body types. you always look AMAZING in my things (or, the two you've borrowed : ). & absolutely about the valentine's day, i really dislike all the focus on romantic love on the day when really, we all have so many people who love us in our lives (or at least most of us) and when i think of it i can't help but realize how fortunate i am.

  8. Really so nice, You did a perfect job. I am big fan of red.

  9. Your bag collection is seriously envy-inducing! And this dress is marvelous and of course, you styled it beautifully! I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day!


  10. you look SOO beautiful! Ah, please wear red every day of your life along with me--you look stunning in it! I hope you have the happiest and sweetest of valentines day today, lady. You are so deserving with your big and lovely heart! I adore and love you! x

  11. And festive you look. I love it! Adorable as usual. Red is most certainly your color, dearie. Rock it.


  12. What an adorable dress! I love the lacy hemline and you've really made it your own with the styling too.
    I was alone on Valentines this year as well, but I actually had a really good day. I did some shopping and then came home and watched Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe movies all night. It was super relaxing and fun! :)

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  13. You look so beautiful I love red it's my favourite colour! I love your attitude towards this day, it's the same as mine :) Love Rhiannon!

  14. So much red! Looks lovely on you :)
    I'm happy you had such a lovely day, sometimes it's not about that special one but all the special people that love you.

    ~ K

  15. Happy Valentine's Day!

    You look stunning! Such perfect styling <3

  16. Red looks beautiful on you and the hat is seriously adorable! Though not gonna lie -- your boots blend in with the snow on my computer & for a second I thought you were missing part of your legs. But despite that your boots look PERFECT.

  17. So pretty! i love the red against the snow. And the boots are awesome! at first i thought you were standing in snow :0

  18. I love this dress on you- you look amazing! What a darling hat!

  19. omg, i love your baby biscuit bag! ><

  20. Enchanting, super fun, completely darling Valentine's Day ensemble!

    You really have some of the cutest handbags on the face of the plant, my dear, and this gem is no exception.

    ♥ Jessica


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