Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Faith, trust and pixie dust

Outfit Details:
The Ethereal Thing Dress: ModCloth (similar here)
Cardigan: ModCloth (similar here)
Tights: ModCloth (similar here)
Flats: ModCloth (similar here)
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Ring: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Rococo purse: estate sale buyout store

The time is upon us!  We're headed to Disney World today!!  I'm so excited!  I've been scheduling some of these posts in advance (since the last thing you want to be doing during a vacation is worrying about blogging), so I'm waiting to go into more details about the first half of our trip until I can really sit down and take the time to write a full post.  I felt this outfit was pretty perfect for Disney-ing; this dress always reminds me of fairies and magic and all things happy.  I took these photos on an unseasonably warm day a few weeks back, which really put me in the mood for warm weather, too.

We'll be getting to Disney in the early afternoon, and after we check in to our hotel (we're staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is exciting since I've wanted to stay there forever), we're heading to an adorable-looking fifties soda shop place for lunch, walking around EPCOT, having dinner at the Flying Fish Cafe, and then walking around the Boardwalk.  We thought about doing Downtown Disney, but we both felt like there wasn't really much we wanted to do down there.  I have memories of Downtown Disney from when I was little, and it seems like it used to be more of an adult fun place (Pleasure Island isn't there anymore, is it??), and now it's just kind of like, indoor game places and the House of Blues, which is fine, but not our preference, I suppose.  We've never walked around the Boardwalk hotel and grounds though, so I'm excited to see some of that.

Tomorrow, we're headed to Hollywood Studios (I have a great cinematic outfit planned).  Although I feel badly for taking a vacation without my dad, my mom and I usually agree on what rides to go on (except I know that I'll want to go on Soarin' at EPCOT and she won't), and we can just have a girly time.  I have so many silly, fanciful outfits planned for the rest of our trip.  :)  I'll be posting lots of Disney photos on my Instagram, if you'd like to live vicariously.

I attempted to create a faux-bob, but I'm not sure what it ended up being.  I kind of like it though.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
xox Sammi


  1. I think it is fun you two are taking a girly vacation together. Loving this magical dress.

  2. This dress is gorgeous, so magical and Disneyish! I've been lusting over it on Modcloth for ages :D
    And I'm so jealous of you in Disney right now, although I'm going to Disneyland Paris in 2 months, then Florida in another month - crazy! We stayed for a night in the Animal Kingdom Lodge once and it was amazing - the restaurant (I think it was Jiko) was so good, I would definitely recommend it! And we did the boardwalk for the first time (out of about 7 times we've visited) last time we went, and I loved it - one of my favourite places :)
    Hope you have the most amazing time, which I'm sure you will!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  3. Such a pretty dress! I hope you are having the best time on your trip!

  4. This dress is amazing, such a gorgeous, full skirt!! And the colours are very magical.
    Have an amazing time, I am super jealous!! It's been years since I was there but it was so much fun :)

  5. What a dreamy dress, and you couldn't have picked a better setting or time of day to showcase it. Magical!

  6. your dress is a perfection! i'm absolutely in love with it!

  7. I wore this dress on Saturday!! You look so lovely in it and I really like the way you made it winter appropriate! Love!!!

  8. Beautiful, scrumptious, colorful, delicate, and perfect. :D

    Have fun in Disney! You'll fit right in with the princesses there. :)



  9. So many gorgeous colours in the outfit!

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your holidays!

  10. Gah! Love this outfit! Especially those shoes <3 Alex


  11. The colours in this ethereally lovely outfit remind me both of cotton candy and of a hand knit baby blanket my mother made for me when I was a newborn baby. They're so comforting, beautiful and refreshing in the midst of winter's pale, grey palette.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. That is such a cute outfit!! Love the faux bob :D


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