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Vintage Clothing Etiquette: How to Behave When Buying and Selling Second-Hand

buying and selling vintage clothing

Greetings, vintage lovers!

When I say I've been wanting to write this blog post for a while, I mean I've been thinking about doing it for years! I've been jotting down notes every so often and keeping the list in my blog post drafts, but I kept putting it off. It's tough for me to feel creatively inspired during this gray, in-between season... so now seemed like the perfect time to finally write my vintage clothing etiquette post for buyers and sellers!

how to buy and sell vintage clothes

I'll preface this post by saying that I love vintage clothing, but I'm by no means an expert. I'm knowledgeable enough to recognize some vintage brands, in-demand prints, and certain styles or silhouettes. While I'm not a collector, I understand most of the basics of buying vintage (both online and in-person). I'm not a purist, which means I have a lot of vintage reproduction in my closet alongside maybe ~20 true vintage dresses (plus lots of vintage brooches and hats). With that said, the tips I've come up with here are based on my own opinions, as well as some that were sent in by my Instagram followers who were kind enough to weigh in. There are really no hard and fast rules that apply to every situation, but these are generally agreed upon by most people I've spoken to. 

Without further ado, here are some of my top vintage clothing tips for both buyers and sellers! 

vintage clothing tips for sellers

Etiquette For Vintage Sellers

  • List (Accurate!) Measurements: This is the number one comment I heard from everyone who weighed in on Instagram and it's crucial when you're selling vintage online. A size estimate (S/M/L) or dress size (especially a vintage one!) isn't going to suffice for most buyers. I will absolutely skip right over listings that don't include measurements because it's too hard to guarantee accuracy. I've seen dresses with a 28" waist be classified as anything from a small to an XL, depending on the seller. I've also seen sellers who go by the number on the tag, which simply doesn't correlate to modern sizing. At a minimum, sellers should provide the bust, waist, and hip measurements for a garment, as well as some kind of length (either total or from the waist). If you're going to correlate those measurements to a modern-day size, make sure that it's as standardized as possible (e.g., no vanity sizing). Make sure to specify whether you're including flat measurements or if the measurement has been doubled, too! 

  • Inspect and Disclose Any Damage: Another one of the most popular responses I received on Instagram is that sellers should make every effort to inspect their garments carefully and disclose any flaws, no matter how small. Everyone is human and small pinholes or stains can be easy to miss. However, most people view the job of a vintage seller as making sure that their listings reflect the piece's true condition. As such, make sure to note any possible fading, pilling, staining, or evidence of previous alterations. Many buyers will be happy to purchase an imperfect dress that's in wearable condition as long as the seller has disclosed any flaws they see. But if they receive an order and it doesn't reflect the information in the listing, you'll have an unhappy customer on your hands.

  • Include Accurate Product Photos: When buying vintage online, buyers already know they're taking a bit of a chance. But no one wants to gamble on a piece with poor-quality photos (or, worse yet, only one photo). Although platforms like Poshmark are full of listings with not-so-great images, it's beneficial for vintage sellers to take product photos in good lighting and with the product on a model or on a mannequin. Flat lays and hanger shots aren't ideal, but it's great to have a variety of different shots. Make sure to color-correct for accuracy without going overboard. If you boost the saturation to make garments look thicker or richer in color than they really are, buyers will probably be disappointed. Every effort should be made to include photos that are true to life.

  • Provide Lots of Detail: It's generally recommended that vintage sellers provide as much detail as possible (even beyond signs of damage) in their listings. This is for a couple of different reasons. For one, it can alleviate questions from prospective buyers and make sure everyone has the information they need from the start. Secondly, it can potentially protect you in the event that a buyer files a claim later on. If you can prove that you did your due diligence and that you provided accurate information to a buyer, you'll have a better chance of winning if a claim is filed against you. Plus, you can position yourself as a truly knowledgeable seller that buyers can trust.

  • Always Be Honest: If a buyer does message you for information that isn't in the listing, be forthcoming. For example, don't mislead a customer to believe that a dress will fit them if you know the fabric doesn't provide stretch. You don't have to definitively say whether a piece will fit someone's body or not, but don't lie just to make a sale. The same goes for "80s-does-50s" style pieces. Both decades are technically considered to be vintage at this point, but make sure the garment is labeled accurately. Calling it a 1950's dress might be better for SEO purposes, but it's not accurate. If you don't have enough knowledge to provide the info a buyer is looking for, tell them that! It's okay not to know. But it's not okay to claim something that might not be true.

  • List Your Price Upfront: This might be a bit controversial for some sellers, but many buyers I've talked to really take issue with the practice of being secretive about pricing. This applies mainly to Instagram sellers, but it could be applicable to other vintage sellers, too. While it's fine to ask buyers to make an offer for an item, asking people to "DM for pricing" scares many buyers off. It can also allow a seller to create a secret bidding war, which can really be a turn-off. If you're looking to sell an item you know will go for a lot and you don't want to settle, consider taking your listing to eBay. And if you're willing to accept an offer before an item is listed, make that clear in your post. 

  • Don't Buy Just to Resell: Okay, hear me out. I realize that this is a common practice and that sellers have to acquire their clothing from somewhere. HOWEVER. The vintage community is pretty small. Sellers tend to follow each other and buyers will follow a lot of different shops. Because of that, it tends to be pretty obvious when a seller buys a piece from a lesser-known seller and turns around to sell it immediately for a huge price increase. It's one thing if you buy a piece for your personal use and it just doesn't work out. But to swoop in on the sale only to drastically increase the sales price in order to make a major profit is just plain shady. It also ends up driving prices up for everyone. While it's great that many sellers have large followings and can make a great living from selling vintage, buyers tend to know when one seller has taken advantage of another. It might not bother some sellers, but it definitely bothers me. 

vintage clothing tips for buyers

Vintage Clothing Tips for Buyers

  • Know Your Measurements: This is my top tip (and the mirror image to the first tip under the sellers section) for anyone who wants to buy second-hand clothing. You need to know your measurements! Sizes have changed so much over the years and you can't always trust an estimated size that a seller assigns to an item. Whether you're buying in-person or online, knowing at least your bust and waist measurements can keep you from being disappointed after you purchase. You can use a tape measure on yourself or on a clothing item you already own. But remember that vintage garments made before the 1970s or so wouldn't have had much stretch – so measure carefully and err on giving yourself a little bit of breathing room! If you're buying in person, bringing your tape measure along can let you know whether you should try the garment on or skip it. Remember: if you rip it, you buy it!

  • Buy Your Size: At first glance, this might seem redundant. But this is about more than knowing your measurements. As someone who could be classified as "mid-size" or on the larger end of straight sizing, I know how hard it is to find affordable vintage in my size. It's much more difficult for plus-sized folks. For whatever reason, vintage in extra-small and small size ranges are much more plentiful. So if you wear those sizes, please don't buy a much larger size with the intention of wearing an oversized look or having the garment altered! When you have thin privilege, you can take advantage of the plethora of vintage clothing that's already at your disposal. Unless you're buying for a theatre production or for a friend, I would suggest refraining from buying any vintage items that are more than a few inches larger than what you'd normally wear. A lot of people see buying to alter as a crime against vintage; not only would you be doing a disservice to other vintage lovers, but you could also damage the piece during the alteration process. The exception here is if it's a piece that you already own and love. But if you can bear the thought of setting it free, it can find a new home with someone who will love and wear it as it is – and you can find something you like even more.

  • Read Descriptions and Ask Questions: One pet peeve of many vintage sellers is buyers who fail to read product descriptions or ask questions before buying. When a seller puts in all the work to create a detailed description and it becomes clear that the buyer hasn't bothered to read it, it's no wonder that they might take offense. While most are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, you'll need to take that step before you purchase. Most vintage transactions really don't allow for buyer's remorse. Some sellers do have return policies in place, but you shouldn't expect to be able to return a vintage item if the issue is on the buyer's end. As a rule, always check before you check out!

  • Don't Make Your Budget the Seller's Problem: Believe me, I understand that the high price of true vintage makes this style of dress inaccessible for many people. My own collection of vintage items is relatively small for this reason (and also because my size is harder to find!). But that doesn't okay to beg the seller to lower their price or to send them a low-ball offer. The seller has the right to set their price as they see fit; you should assume that they've done their research, have determined what the market will allow, and have priced the item accordingly. You may not like the price, but unless the seller has explicitly said that they're open to offers or you're negotiating at a flea market, you should assume that the price is as marked. It never hurts to ask if the price is flexible, but it's rude to imply that the seller should lower their price because it's out of your budget. If it's out of your price range, move on and try to find something that's more budget-friendly. 

  • Be Careful About Unsolicited Messages: Of course, it's fine (and encouraged!) to message a seller about a piece they're selling. But it's a bit invasive to message someone to ask if they're willing to sell something from their personal wardrobe. I understand the "nothing ventured, nothing gained" mentality. But I've frequently been on the receiving end of emails, DMs, and Facebook messages from people who ask to buy pieces they've seen me wear on my blog or on social media... and I don't think I've ever agreed to sell what they're asking for. Most sellers (even non-vintage sellers like me!) have online storefronts for a good reason. If we're ready to sell something, it will be listed there. When I'm on the hunt for a specific piece, I watch resale sites like a hawk. I would never even think about messaging someone I don't know to see if I can buy a random item from their closet. Some people have even asked me to promise to let them know if I do decide to sell something. Unfortunately, I can't remember everyone who has messaged me about an item over the years – and besides, the request feels pretty presumptuous. Instead, I'd recommend following a seller's Poshmark, Depop, eBay account, or website. You could also message a vintage or second-hand seller to see if they might be able to source something similar to what you're looking for! 

  • Write a Review: Showing your support for a small business can have a big impact. Whether it's on Etsy, Poshmark, or another platform, you should make it a point to leave a review for a seller if you've had a great experience with them. Most people are actually more inclined to trust sellers with a few negative reviews mixed in than sellers with no reviews at all. Anything you can do to boost the seller's brand perception will be appreciated. On the other end of the spectrum, it's a good rule to think before leaving a negative review. That's not to say that you shouldn't let other buyers know about a bad experience. You absolutely should! But if the problem comes down to a misunderstanding or is something you can resolve with the seller directly, try that first! (The same goes for filing any kind of payment claim against a seller.) Think about what you'd find most helpful as a buyer and include that in your review – and don't leave them only when you've had a poor experience!
dapper day vintage

If you buy or sell vintage online, do you agree with these tips? What did I miss? Did you find these to be helpful? Tell me in the comments below and feel free to share some of your favorite sources for vintage!

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[CLOSED] The Soubrette Brunette's 8th Blogiversary Giveaway!

confetti photo

It's hard to believe that I've been blogging for 8 years(!). A whole lot has happened during that time. I've found and left jobs, been promoted, fallen in love, experienced immense heartbreak and grief, performed in shows, moved into an apartment I love, made and lost friends, learned a lot, changed my personal style... and, of course, figured out what it's like to live during a pandemic.

Acknowledging your progress is a funny thing. I know it's important to do. And yet, it's not something that necessarily comes naturally to me. Sometimes, celebrating yourself feels selfish and somehow wrong. But it's a little easier when someone else recognizes your worth and encourages you to do the same.

blog giveaway

That's actually what inspired me to come up with this year's blogiversary giveaway. I put up an Instagram poll and found out that most people really like curated collections of prizes (which I love putting together). Since we've spent nearly one year in relative isolation – and I think it's more important than ever to show ourselves some kindness and TLC – I decided to create a "self-care package" to send to one of you! Keep reading to find out what you can win and how to enter.
self-care giveaway

One (1) follower will win:

  • $50 paid via PayPal
  • Pusheen-icorn sleep mask
  • Velvet throw blanket
  • 100 Cookies book
  • jade face roller
  • bubble bath powder
  • World of Flowers coloring book
  • Harney & Sons tea sampler
  • assorted treats 

I thought these would be the perfect prizes for anyone who could use some pampering while they stay home! Now that you know what you could win, here's what you need to know to enter.
Enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget below. Note that you must be a follower of my blog and Instagram to win. You also must include your email address in your blog comment in order for me to match that comment to your other entries! 

This giveaway is open worldwide and will run from now until Sunday, February 7 at 11:59 PM EST. The giveaway winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email. Once confirmed, the winner will be displayed through the widget. The winner must respond to their email within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. In the event of product unavailability, comparable substitutions will be made. This giveaway is sponsored only by The Soubrette Brunette and by no other brand or business. Best of luck and thank you for supporting my blog!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday Favorites #164: Valentine's Day Picks

Valentine's Day is in just a few weeks (can you believe it?)! And while I don't have any grandiose plans this year, I do *love* all of the sweetheart-themed decor and accessories! Here are just a few of my favorite pieces that are perfect for February 14.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you!) that helps to run my blog. Thank you for supporting The Soubrette Brunette!

friday favorites valentine's day

a    ||    b    ||    c    ||    d    ||    e    ||    f

g    ||    h    ||    i    ||    j    ||    k    ||    l    ||    m    ||    n    

Are you getting excited for Valentine's Day?
In case you missed it, I shared some virtual Valentine's Day ideas in yesterday's blog post!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas For 2021

virtual valentine's day ideas

We all know that holidays look a lot different during the pandemic. And pretty soon, we'll be hitting that one-year mark...which is bananas to think about. Valentine's Day 2020 was actually the last major holiday most of us experienced B.C. (before COVID-19), which means you might be a little bummed about your limited options for Valentine's Day 2021. 

But that doesn't mean your V-Day has to be boring. I'm a total introvert and homebody, so I may be biased, but I really enjoy coming up with creative ways to celebrate without ever leaving the house! Whether you're wondering how singles celebrate Valentine's Day during the pandemic or you're separated from your sweetie this February 14, I'm sharing some virtual Valentine's Day ideas that you're sure to love.

valentine's day pandemic

Host a Galentine's Zoom Brunch
A Galentine's brunch invite is always exciting to receive. But while many eateries are open in some capacity, you may not feel comfortable gathering with your girls without masks and in close quarters. Fortunately, you can still enjoy some bottomless mimosas and waffles from afar. Set up a Zoom call for mid-morning on the 13th (a Saturday this year!) and make your favorite brunch food – or order from your favorite breakfast spot! – to savor with your besties. Plus, you can wear cute pajamas if you want.

Organize a Hulu Rom-Com Watch Party
Grab some popcorn, open your laptop, and revisit some of your favorite flicks with your BFFs. Hulu's Watch Party feature has thousands of TV shows and movies to watch with a group of up to eight people in sync. While it might not be a substitute for watching in the theatre, you can chat as much as you want without disturbing anyone. Some of the best movies for Galentine's Day are available to select. Just test it out beforehand to account for any technical issues – and have some chocolate (or some tissues) on-hand for emergencies.  

virtual valentine's day celebrations

Have BFF FaceTime Date
As simple as it may sound, it's easy to forget how effective FaceTime calls are at lifting one's mood. Schedule an hour-long FaceTime date with your best friend, partner, or family member while you perform a fun activity – like an at-home spa treatment, baking session, or Valentine outfit fashion show. You can even play a "how well do you know me?" game if you each get a set!

Sign Up For a Virtual Reading
Want to know what your future holds? Consider signing up for a virtual tarot, palm, or astrological chart reading! This can be a great way to support independent readers and astrologers during a time when in-person readings are difficult to manage. And of course, it can be exciting to see what the stars or the cards have in store. See about signing up with a friend or partner and treat yourselves to a session! Make sure you know your exact birth time if you're having your astrological chart done.

Take an Online Class
If you're stumped on virtual Valentine's Day 2021 ideas, you could always learn something new! There are plenty of online courses with valentine themes being offered this year, from cooking to crafts. The Rochester Brainery even has an entire section of virtual classes for Valentine's Day, like soap-making, quilting, embroidery, cookie decorating, and chocolate-tasting. Most classes are quite affordable and can allow you to connect with others in an unexpected way.

sending out valentine cards

Partake in a Virtual Shopping Event
A shopping spree can be the perfect cure for the Valentine's Day blues, but you might prefer to avoid the mall and crowded retail centers right now. Of course, online shopping is always there when you need it. But I recently saw on Instagram that a bunch of local vendors are teaming up to host a Virtual Valentine's Bazaar this Saturday (January 30). They'll be offering exclusive sales, which means you can save and snag some awesome products from independent artists. Even if you're not local, check out all of the details in this post or follow the #VirtualValentinesBazaar hashtag on Instagram to get in on the action!

Send Out Gifts or Old-School Valentines
Sometimes, going back to basics is best. But if you aren't exchanging gifts with a partner, you can show how much you care for your loved ones by sending them something special. I love the idea of ordering a custom bouquet or even a flower CSA from a local florist. If you're in Rochester, I highly recommend Sungrove Blossoms, Trademarks Flower Farm, and Flowerwell (or if you're in the Los Angeles area, check out Starving Artist Arrangements!). You could also bake some homemade cookies and deliver them to your local friends on Valentine's Day – or, my personal favorite, send out some old-school valentine cards! I adore these vintage-inspired card set from Harveys, but here are some other retro valentine cards that should arrive in time for you to send out. Alternatively, you could send paperless valentines straight to your recipient's email!

Try Your Hand at Online Trivia
Those who miss trivia nights at their favorite bar might want to consider virtual trivia as a viable alternative! You might have some local organizations who are putting on online trivia events, but you can also browse available options on Eventbrite. Some are free, while others require a registration fee. I can't personally vouch for any of these events, there are all kinds of themes – like The Office, Parks and Recreation, '90s trivia, and love – to choose from. You could even put together and host your own if you want to raise money for a worthy cause! Be sure to order yourself some takeout, grab your favorite beverage, and get ready to rack your brain.

vintage valentine cards

What are your plans for Valentine's Day 2021? Would you try any of these ideas?

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Easy New Year's Eve Mocktails: Non-Alcoholic Libations to Ring In 2021

easy mocktail recipe

I can hardly believe it's almost New Year's Eve! While this isn't one of my all-time favorite holidays, I do love any excuse to eat festive food and dress up.

But for some people, NYE is mostly about the alcohol. That (along with the fact that I like to go to bed on the early side) is the main reason it's not on my list of top celebrations. For those who might not be aware, I don't drink – for a few different reasons. This does put me in the minority, but I'm glad that sober living is becoming more widely accepted. Still, I've gotten questions from well-intentioned folks about why I don't drink and have been at gatherings where there are next to no non-alcoholic options for guests. Plus, it's hard not to be surrounded by intoxicated people on New Year's Eve. And all of that tends to put a bit of a damper on things. 

The one nice thing about staying home this year is that you might get a bit more control over your New Year's Eve. Whether you're in recovery, you're an expectant mom, you're on a new medication, you're preparing for Dry January, or you simply don't like the taste of alcohol, holiday celebrations don't have to be boring. There are plenty of Near Year's Eve mocktail recipes out there that you might end up liking way more than options that contain alcohol. And even if alcohol is still part of your life, it's nice to know there are alternatives that everyone can enjoy.

mocktails non-alcoholic drink recipes

To be honest, I don't get all that fancy with my mocktail recipes. I tend to like sparkling fruit juices and non-caffeinated sodas on their own. (I highly recommend Trader Joe's Sugar Plum sparkling beverage, sparkling grape juice or apple cider, ginger beer, IZZE, or Belvoir Fruit Farms cordials for this!) 

But I decided to try out a few non-alcoholic drinks that are *slightly* more complicated. I mean it when I say "slightly," as I'm not muddling fruit, making simple syrups, or using any specialty ingredients. Below, you'll find three different mocktails I tried out, along with a few others that are on my to-try list. 

apple cranberry fizz mocktail

Holiday Mocktail: Cranberry Apple Spritzer

This simple and seasonal non-alcoholic cocktail is a little sweet, a little tart, and a lot refreshing. Combine equal parts of apple cider and cranberry juice with your choice of lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, or seltzer. Garnish with fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

shirley temple mocktail recipe

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail: Classic Shirley Temple

Although there may be more imaginative mocktails out there... who doesn't love a classic Shirley Temple? Fill a glass with ice and add about an ounce of grenadine (use more or less depending on your affinity for cherry flavor). Then, add ginger ale or lemon-lime soda and a squeeze of fresh lime. Add a lime slice and maraschino cherries, if you've got 'em, to finish.

grapefruit mocktail recipe

Simple Mocktail Idea: Grapefruit Lime Refresher

If you're looking for a refreshing mocktail you can enjoy year-round, you might like this tantalizingly tart option. Over ice, add grapefruit juice, key lime LeCroix (or your choice of seltzer/sparkling water), and plenty of fresh lime juice. Kombucha might also be a welcome addition to this drink, especially if you miss the taste of alcohol! 

Here are a few other New Year's Eve mocktail recipes I want to try out this year:
I'm obviously no mixologist! But I hope that if you're wanting to avoid alcohol – or you're trying to support sober loved ones in your life – this New Year's Eve, you might get some inspiration. I'd love it if you'd tell me about your favorite non-alcoholic beverage in the comments or on Instagram so I can grow my repertoire, too!

Have a happy, healthy, and safe New Year's Eve – and I'll see you in 2021!

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The Soubrette Brunette's 2020 Holiday Gift Guides

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I'm pretty close to being done with mine, but I know you might still be looking for the perfect present for someone on your list. I've really enjoyed putting together gift guides over the past couple of years (like my gift guide for HSPs, introverts, and empaths, as well as my selection of fun gift guides from 2019!)... so I knew I had to do it again this year! 

This took me a lot longer than I anticipated, but I hope you'll find these guides to be helpful. In particular, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite small businesses, local makers, and budget-friendly picks – but I think there's something here for everyone! Although everything pictured here was in stock when I created these gift guides, products are selling quickly (and some shops are closing up for the holidays), so act quickly! Without further ado... here are my selections for this year!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you!) that helps to run my blog. Thank you for supporting The Soubrette Brunette!

Your Holiday Gift Guide For Parents 2020

Mom and Dad can be difficult to shop for, but this holiday gift guide for parents has some best-sellers, some memory-makers, and some time-passers that are sure to delight. 

gift guide for parents

Your Enneagram Gift Guide

Are you (or are your loved ones) obsessed with enneagram types? That's true for my circle! If you've been looking for gifts by enneagram type, I've compiled a few presents for each one in this enneagram gift guide. Let me know how accurate you think my selections are!

ennegram gift guide

type 1

type 2

type 3

type 4

type 5

type 6

type 7

type 8

type 9

Gift Guide Under $25
If you're shopping on a budget or you've set a spending limit with your besties, this holiday gift guide under 25 will help you find a great gift for less.

under 25 gift guide

Small Business Gift Guide
Looking to shop small this holiday? I've compiled some of my personal favorites for this year's small business gift guide.

small business gift guide

1.  Steve Kornacki tee by Kate Gabrielle 
2.  snowflake wire headband by Mane Message 
3.  roller perfume oil by Firebird Bath and Body
4.  total babe earrings by Midge Blitz 
5.  witch ghost enamel pin by Little Spooky Studio
6.  gelato truck bag by Vendula London
7.  reindeer mischief sweater by Mischief Made 
8.  "my size doesn't determine my worth" print by Fabulously Feminist 
9.  snowcat brooch by I Love Crafty  
10.  "nobody likes a soggy bottom" lapel pin by The Clever Clove  
11.  "which brew are you?" print by Water of Whimsy  
12.  wildflower chalk art print by Lily and Val 
13.  social media print by Girl Party Shop
14.  "swiss rolls not gender roles" pin from Bow Bow by Kyle
15.  clear confetti party clutch by Julie Mollo  

Secret Santa Gift Guide + White Elephant Gift Guide
If you're stumped on what to get your Secret Santa recipient or you're planning ahead for your annual white elephant gift exchange, this gift guide has all the novelty you need.

secret santa white elephant gift guide

a.  The Golden Girls mini magnet set

Local Love: Rochester NY Gifts

For my local followers (or those who just want a piece of the Flower City for themselves), check out this local gift guide featuring Rochester NY gifts from upstate makers.

rochester ny gifts
1.  Weggies run t-shirt from Loco Love 
2.  floral guts wood-burned cheeseboard from Unstrung Studios  
3.  Rochester Flower City logo earrings from May and Birch  
4.  Rochester symbols cosmetic bag from Wolf and Honey 
5.  to the moon and back enamel pin from House of Roushey 
6.  "ROC is grim" mug from Shop Peppermint  
7.  Rochester sticker bundle from Ink & Pine Design
8.  The Little Theatre art print from Retro Sorrento 
9.  "home" camp mug from Anna Parade  
10.  "be merry" wood slice ornament from Salty Lemon Studio 
11.  york earrings from Charlie Blu   
12.  mini oval sunburst platter from Ritual Clay Company
13.  "protect your magic" print from Bless the Messy 
14.  Roc Love print from PS Enjoy Your Life  
15.  tea towel from Lisa Jane Smith 

Black Owned Business Gift Guide

Show your support with these incredible gifts from Black owned businesses this year. 

gifts from black owned businesses

a.  abstract woman art print by Nonily Studio  
b.  Black Lives Matter mug by ATOU   
c.  half-moon dangle earrings by Talk Unique Designs  
d.  read and grow bookmark by K Ligg Co.  
e.  ginger and sandalwood candle by Natural Annie Essentials 
f.  yoga pose sweatshirt by The Trini Gee 
g.  triple body butter by Charmed Bath and Body
h.  "you will survive this" print from By Chenelle
i.  fried egg earrings by Crafty Little Dreams
j.  retro ladies face mask by ModMasks   
k.  "sounds of love" print by Lovely Earthlings  
l.  Black Lives Matter face mask by Bailey Ava Accessories  
m.  floral square scarf by Emma Make Studio  
n.  kitchen print by Godly Gorgeous 
o.  tomato leaf and basil candle by Paige's Candle Co.   

Broadway Gifts and Disney Gift Guide

For the Broadway fanatic or Disney fiend in your life, refer to this gift guide for the musically-inclined and the young-at-heart.

disney broadway gifts

1.  favorite mansion tee 
2.  movie poster cookie jar 
3.  curtain call Broadway costume poster
4.  Waitress pie pin
5.  Madame Leota earrings
6.  Hamilton face mask
7.  Geek Out Disney trivia game
8.  Hamilton Minnie ears
9.  Pirate's Revenge candle
10.  Heathers enamel pin
11.  Company welcome mat
12.  Disneyland 65th anniversary backpack
13.  The Disney Princess book
14.  Broadway Theater District map print 
15.  "Let's Travel the World" face mask 

2020 Quarantine Gift Ideas

This year has been a total dumpster fire... but at least these quarantine gift ideas, work from home gifts, and political gifts will help us end 2020 with a laugh (and a long-distance hug).

quarantine work from home 2020 gift guide

a.  The Comfy 
b.  long-distance touch bracelet set 
c.  Cuomo Christmas ornament
d.  social distancing mug 
e.  Working From Home With a Cat
f.  good neighbor face mask  
g.  Zoom meeting ornament
h.  faux fur slippers  
i.  Camp Quarantine sweatshirt
j.  The Great British Baking Show: Love to Bake  
k.  2020 review candle
l.  hand sanitizer ornament
m.  foldaway seat cushion 
n.  44 and 46 button set  
o.  work from home survival kit

Did you find some gift inspiration for the holidays? Let me know what you'd like to see for future gift guides and happy shopping!

Thursday, December 10, 2020

I LIKE YOU A LATKE: Hadassah Cookbook Latke Recipe

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 Happy Chanukkah, friends! I'm quickly popping in to share my mom's amazing latke recipe with you (which actually comes from Rochester's Hadassah Cookbook). I may be biased, but I really do think her latkes are the best – and they really aren't all that difficult to make! I'm not a recipe blogger, so I stuck to the basics. Let me know if you make these or if you need clarification! (By the way, here's a link to my latke sweatshirt!)

latke ingredients


6-8 red potatoes
1 medium white onion
2 Tbsp sour cream
1 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup flour
1/2 cup bread crumbs
Vegetable oil (corn oil)
Extra sour cream and applesauce for serving


Peel and grate your potatoes, either by hand or in a blender/food processor. Transfer your grated potatoes into a large bowl. You can drain or wring out the excess water, but (and this is a VERY controversial opinion) you don't necessarily need to. Add the sour cream to keep the potatoes from turning brown. Then, add eggs and mix together. Add onion, flour, salt, and pepper and mix well. Pour a generous amount of vegetable oil into a large skillet (or two) on medium-high heat. When the oil is heated, add your potato mixture in cookie-sized portions and fry. They do not need to be neat! If they're freeform, they'll get those crispy edges. Flip once the latkes are golden brown on one side (you may need to flip them a second time to get them extra crispy!). When the latkes are done frying, remove them from the skillet and place them on a paper towel. Repeat this process until all the potato mixture has been used (makes around 30 latkes). Serve with sour cream, applesauce, sugar and cinnamon, or toppings of your choice and enjoy!

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