Saturday, August 31, 2013

We all scream for ice cream

Outfit Details:
Ice cream sandwich dress: I'm Your Present
Dessert Dash Flat in Cocoa: ModCloth
Spoon ring: Mom's
White vinyl belt: eBay

I wore this dress in one of my very first outfit posts on here (prepare yourself for blurry photos!), but haven't featured it since.  Yesterday's Friday Favorites post made me have a hankering for ice cream, which brought me back to this dress.  Since summer is drawing to a close (cue weeping), I thought I should hurry up and wear it again, before it gets too cold!  This is one of three dresses I have from I'm Your Present (you can check out my other posts featuring Kelly's dresses here and here), and I absolutely love this fabric!  I finally found some brown flats (after looking for MONTHS for ones I liked), and I thought they'd go well with this fun little dress.  I love any shoe with an ankle strap!

My thought process was that eating ice cream requires a spoon.  Hence, spoon ring.

I'm very excited because a new store that carries all sorts of retro-inspired brands (like Hell Bunny, one of my favorites!) has opened up here in Rochester, and I'm going there after work to have a look-see!  Other than that, I really don't have too many exciting things going on this weekend, other than a brunch on Labor Day (brunch actually is pretty exciting though -- it's my favorite of all meals).

Have a sweet Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. I love this dress! It's so adorable. You look lovely. That's so awesome that that new store just opened! Wish I had a store like that close to where I live.


  2. An... ice cream... dress... SAMMI WHAT THIS IS ADORABLE. How you even stumble across these incredible pieces amazes me. I love the minty background, too. You're lucky to have a neat store like that nearby--I'm stuck with a lot of those weird trendy teen stores, yuck!

  3. This dress is soooo fantastic, what an amazing print. I am such a sucker for prints like this, seriously. Love the colour on you!

  4. Oh gosh, this dress. It could not be anymore adorable. It also could not make me crave an ice cream sandwich anymore! I love you paired it with a spoon ring, very clever!

  5. I would just like to know why you're the cutest lady, ever? But seriously?! A dress with ice cream sandwiches on it is too perfect. Being an ice cream aficionado myself this is just too perfect! x

  6. I love ankle straps on shoes, too! And that's such a fun, uniquely styled dress--definitely perfect for a hot day with all the reminders of ice cream!

  7. The print on this dress is so much fun! I love it! And how cute and clever to pair it with a spoon ring. You look adorable!

    I would love to feature this look in our "things we love" post tomorrow. We will be sure to link back to your blog!

  8. I've been doing some blog catching up and as I am looking through all your post I am becoming just smitten with all these fantastic printed dresses you have! Wow Sammi, how I would love to raid your closet :-)

    Sounds like you have a busy busy yet fun month ahead....very best wishes with your productions!

    xo Marisa


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