Monday, August 5, 2013

This is the song that doesn't end (+ giveaway winners!)

Outfit Details:
Lambchop Party Dress: I'm Your Present
Lavender hair bow: Clip-a-Bow Boutique
Lavender jelly flats: Pinup Girl Clothing
Rocking horse ring: Hello Holiday
White belt: eBay

This dress is my latest purchase from I'm Your Present (a shop I ADORE).  I love both my Miss Piggy dress and ice cream sandwich dress from I'm Your Present, and I gasped out loud when I saw that Kelly had a Lambchop dress for sale!  I've loved Sherri Lewis since I was little, and I have a huge interest in puppetry (and am fascinated by ventriloquism).  So obviously, I couldn't pass this dress up!

By the by... these are probably the most uncomfortable jelly shoes ever invented.  Although they are advertised as being very flexible, I've found them to be the exact opposite; they're incredibly stiff and hurt my feet pretty much immediately after putting them on.  It's definitely not the same jelly plastic that Juju uses in their footwear.  I would have sent them back if Pinup Girl offered free returns, but it basically wasn't worth it.  They look cute in photos, but I could never wear them for any length of time.

My nod to Charlie Horse

Oh, and announcing the winners of the Dupenny retro tote bag giveaway...

Congratulations to Kerri and Brooke!  Your prize will be sent out to you this week!  :)  Thanks so much to everyone to entered my first giveaway!

Have a great Monday!
xox Sammi


  1. Love it! I've followed that Etsy shop for a while. I would seriously be STOKED if I had the money to buy the Ariel dress. UUUUGGGGH! You look amazing :)

  2. If you EVER audition at Blackfriars, WEAR THIS DRESS. Seriously- Jack is OBSESSED with Lambchop. You'd instantly be cast!

    1. Hah I did think of Jack at one point when putting this on (Elizabeth mentioned it too when she saw this on Instagram, haha)!

  3. I love it, You are so cute. I am so impressed by job You've done. Always watching Your posts, You have a amazing style and beautiful look !!! Have a great monday sweetie

  4. Soo nice dress. Have a great monday.

  5. Thats such a shame that your jellies hurt! :-( boo but they do look awesome!! and wow this dress is amazing!! I love you miss piggy and your ice cream sandwich too! fabulous styling with the bow thrown in too!! xxx

  6. What a cute dress, I love it! I have my eyes on the Iamyourpresent Shop for quite a while, think I can't resist much longer. Such a shame the shoes are not comfortable, I love the colour and the bow. I never had uncomfortable jelly shoes. Love, Sara xx

  7. Oh my GOSH!! A lamb chop dress?! I was just remembering that show fondly the other day :) So funny. That is seriously awesome though! And that rocking horse ring is just darling!
    Oh, and congrats on being ModCloth's outfit of the day today! You're the cutest :)

  8. OH man, I remember lamb chop. You do her justice. :P

    Congrats, dearie, on your outfit of the day. You deserve it! :D


  9. This dress is so much fun, and I love your hair bow! :)

    Xo, Hannah

  10. lol lol DUDE I don't think a pair of comfortable jelly flats even exist. I mean, I bought some of these sweet clear ones a year ago with sparkles on them and they're super pretty but SO UNCOMFORTABLE. And then like if it's hot they slip off your feet and give you blisters and I wondered why I spent so long looking for them.

    But hey. Yours are a pretty color and they're cute? looool

    And they match your bow, which is perfect. Your dress is adorable, too... I am amazed at all the pretty dresses you manage to stumble across!


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