Friday, June 6, 2014

French Lavender (Flock Together)

 Hi, everyone!  First of all... HAPPY ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK DAY!!!  I will be busy binging my brains out over the next few days, I'm sure.  Secondly, I'm posting on Flock Together this morning, remixing this beautiful lilac dress from Hannah!  I really ended up loving this outfit (and it finally gave me a chance to wear my lady tie!).  Check out the rest of my photos and see how the other FT girls styled this dress here!  Thanks so much again to Hannah for letting me borrow this!



Have a fantastic Friday!
xox Sammi  


  1. Very nice dress.

  2. You look like that girl out of Moonrise Kingdom only 100% even more darling and fashion forward (and you look happy, which, you know, she doesn't. Just intense).

    There can be no higher praiser :)

  3. That heart ring is the cutest! I want one of my own now :)

    Daydream Frenzy

  4. perfect.... I'm in love with this outfit and your little hat!!!! your hair looks so gorgeous and flowing!!!

    love, polly

  5. Your hair and hat are just perfect and I love the purple and mint green together. Can't get enough of mint green at the moment, perfect Spring/Summer colour! CC x

  6. So cute, lavander looks so great on you. I also love seeing how you Flock Together gals style pieces so differently!


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