Thursday, June 5, 2014

I never promised you a rose garden

Vintage dress: Dane Vintage (eBay)
BAIT Footwear spectators: ModCloth
Orange belt: ASOS

Auctions on eBay used to scare me.  Actually, they still kind of do, but I've lucked out with a couple of great vintage wins.  This dress was one of them, and although I wasn't initially thrilled with the fabric (it might be more of a vintage reproduction, since the material has a synthetic feel to it), it really looks nice and the quality is there.  Plus, any dress with a button-down front that fits without gaping AND is flattering in the waist is a rare find!  This dress worked with a petticoat, but I kind of liked the shape even more without it, so I opted for a more practical styling (if you can call this practical).  The colors are so pretty too, and the pink matches these BAIT Footwear spectators perfectly! 

We're in summer hours for the next month or so at work, which is really nice because it gives me more time to do other things and still enjoy some daylight hours.  I've been driving a lot more lately, but I'm still riddled with anxiety every time I drive somewhere.  I was taking private lessons for a while, but stopped back in the fall, and I just wanted to get some basics under my belt before starting again.  I've been going out with my mom, which has been okay, but she isn't exactly a calming presence (sorry, Mom!) and I need someone to actually teach me how to do the harder stuff.  Even when I get my license, I don't know if I'm ever going to really like having to drive.  The independence factor is obviously nice, and I know I'll make for a cautious driver, at the very least... but I'm certainly not at the point where I can relax at all.  I'm such a stickler for rules, and I feel like I don't know nearly enough of them with this.  I guess I'll have to go back to taking some private lessons this month.  Wish me luck.

Have a great Thursday!
xox Sammi


  1. The pattern on that is very pretty, very dreamy. Makes me think of illustrations in French children's books.

    Good luck as you practice driving. You can do it and it will be great!

  2. This dress is sensational! Such a beautiful floral pattern and the cut is perfect as well! Good luck driving! I know that it seems really intimidating but as soon as you get your license you'll be so thankful and wonder how you ever survived without it! I didn't get mine til later in life but i'm so thankful i finally did! If you can make a career out of acting (putting yourself in a spotlight in front of strangers!) then driving will soon become a piece of cake :)

    Have a lovely day!

    ~Tirzah Grace

  3. Oh man, driving is my arch nemesis. So much that I moved to a place where I never have to do it again, I can walk everywhere now. I totally get how you feel about it! It makes me suuuuper anxious. Your bangs look great, btw!

  4. Gorgeous dress! Looks so wonderful on you! And Bait footwear is the best :) Alex

  5. I do not like driving, but I live in a place where this is absolutely necessary, so I resign myself ... your dress is absolutely beautiful, but it is not vintage (I guess that for your close pic of the fabric) that's no problem, love the print of it ... I remember it like watercolor ...

  6. Your bangs are (excuse the pun) bangin'. I miss having Bettie bangs, and mine were never even that perfect.
    I love that style of shirt dress. Maybe it's 80s does 50s? The intensity of the colors just screams summer to me.

  7. Such a beautiful dress on you! I may recall having it in my watch list too c; eBay auctions are heart-racing, but I'll admit, I'm on there every day looking at vintage. I'm glad you lucked out with a great find.

    Driving gives me so much anxiety too. I attempted to learn last year in a parking lot that ended up with me ripping some of my vintage clothing in a panic attack where I just could not breathe. Horrible horrible experience that has turned me off from it all together. I just want to live in a quiet small town where I can just drive a bike or Vespa everywhere, but I hope your driving experiences go well <3

  8. Your bangs are ON POINT lately! I love them so much. I get bad anxiety when I bid on eBay. I want to win something so badly and I check it like a crazy person. I'm so glad you won the bid on this dress, it's so perfect on you. I would absolutely consider this practical styling too! I lounge around at home in comfy clothes, but even if I'm just going to the market I'll put on a pretty dress :)

    I didn't get my license right at 16 because I had been in a few scary car accidents. As horrible as my anxiety was, eventually I had to give in so I could be independent and stay out late with my friends. It eventually went away with time but came right back when I had Bianca. I was scared to take her ANYWHERE! Just know that your fears are normal and I think it's great that you've been taking steps to build up your driving skills.

  9. Love the color of your dress, and I love that your take on practicality is to skip a crinoline. Mostly because I'm the same! If I want to be practically vintage, I ditch the hat, gloves and petticoat. :) ♡
    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  10. your bangs look so perfect...... wow! Also, great to hear that you're getting some time off to enjoy the summer!!! :)

    love, polly

  11. I love that dress! Of course dresses that don't gape are always a win but buying from ebay can be a bit scary. I was a bit late (compared to my friend) on getting my permit/license, I think I waited about a year. I took drivers ed and part of that was driving with an instructor and while most people went into that driving with parents already… I had one really bad experience of driving with my sister and going in the wrong lane and not knowing and getting freaked out and so then my first time really driving was with the instructor and he forced me straight into city driving. At the time I was scared but now Im happy I was just thrown into it, I no longer have anxiety driving although merging on the highway sometimes still makes me sweat. Either way the moral of my long story is maybe you'll surprise yourself and the more you drive with private lessons the more comfortable you will feel?


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