Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cherry picked

Outfit Details:
Best Birthday Ever Dress: ModCloth (on sale!)
Mel by Melissa wedges: Urban Outfitters (available here)
Cherry fascinator hat: c/o Paulie Antiques
Cherry pie ring: gift from Kate
Frilly socks: similar here

Oh Nishe, how I love thee!  It seems like each Nishe dress I acquire is better than the last!  This one definitely takes the cake, and I can see why ModCloth decided to name it the "Best Birthday Ever" dress; I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it on my birthday next year.  It's just that sort of dress.  It's so gorgeous and has so many details I love: scallops, polka dots, a peter pan collar.  It somehow manages to encompass both a retro and a twee aesthetic, which sort of perfectly describes my style.  It also reminded me of Mary Poppins!  It'd be perfect for a Disney trip.  This dress has quickly earned a spot amongst my all-time favorite frocks.  Oh, and it's on sale at ModCloth now, too!

These accessories were patiently waiting for the perfect outfit to come along.  I scored these Mel by Melissa wedges from Urban Outfitters on sale (they're sold out there now, but are still available on Amazon!), though I will say that the sizing was a little different than I'd expected.  I'm usually a pretty solid size 9 US (sometimes an 8.5 in flats), and since Mel shoes don't come in half sizes, I thought I'd be safe with the 9.  They were huge on me, and even though they have ankle straps, I didn't trust that they'd stay on.  I ended up exchanging for a size 8, which fits much better but is actually a tiny bit too tight in the toes.  If they made half sizes, it would have been a perfect fit!  All in all though, they're such darling shoes (and they remind me of Minnie Mouse!) and they're really comfy, despite the toe issue, so I can't complain too much.

I feel very lucky to have such kind, creative friends in the blogging world.  This fascinator was a gift to me from my friend Polly, who blogs over at Paulie Antiques and runs a fabulous vintage shop of the same name.  I was actually planning on buying this fascinator myself, but she wouldn't hear of it, and ended up sending it to me for a Christmas gift.  I was so incredibly touched by her sweetness, and I am so thankful to have her as a friend.  This cherry pie ring was a surprise gift from Kate, who sent it to me along with a couple of pieces I purchased from her "shop my closet" section of her shop.  I'd mentioned wanting a pie ring a while back (to go with my pie dress), and I was so shocked that she even remembered, much less made one to send to me!  I really believe that one of the best parts of blogging has been getting to know wonderful bloggers -- they've truly touched my heart.

Have a super Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. You're right...this is TOTALLY a Mary Poppins-esque dress. I didn't even realize it until you said it. I love this outfit, especially the cute little socks with the red wedges. I love the fascinator as well. :)

  2. Aaah, this IS so Marry Poppins-like! My favorite parts have to be the collar and then the little sheer part near the bottom. So so cute. I haven't ordered anything from Modcloth in such a long time--maybe that's gotta change soon. ;)

  3. This dress is gorgeous! Well the entire outfit as a whole is so cute and to-die-for! ^_^ I love your style, it always seems to be spot on! xx

  4. See, you have just so perfectly developed and defined your style that at first glance my first thoughts are "OH, that is SO YOU!" This is so adorable! The sheerness and the polka dots and the red and white! Very celebration/birthdayish indeed. It IS very Mary Poppins like and I hope t see you wear this at Disney (possibly posing with Mary Poppins!) in this sometime.

    Also, that fascinator is darling. how see of Polly!

  5. definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! I LOVE this dress and I really want it in black and white, but it's way too expensive over at ASOS. the red one looks gorgeous on you!

  6. I have some modcloth store credit and was eyeing this yesterday.. this post might have just sealed the deal :) It does have a very Mary Poppins vibe to it (plus I'm going back to Disney in two months so of course I'm shopping for trip clothes, ha!)

    I'm so glad you like the pie ring!! :D

  7. omg you look like such a beatiful princess! I love the pie ring, too!! :) I looooove the shoes.... I love everything!!!

    you're the cutest!!

    love, polly :)

  8. You are the cutest person alive. I seriously can't get over how wonderful your wardrobe is! I would love to take a tour of your closet.

  9. This is so cute, I love the red and white combo <3

    The Quirky Queer

  10. OMG! This dress is like "touching" the clouds in the sky! It's sooo lovely! You chose the perfect accessories to create a "heavenly" outfit. I've seen your fascinator and I thought maybe if you could like to join our Share in Style (on my blog), the theme is "fruit", you only have to add your post to the link, I would be honored to see you there .

  11. I loved this dress the moment I saw on Modcloth but paced myself because I prefer my dresses a little longer. But you look so lovely so now I just couldn't resist anymore and with it being on sale + the $10 discount at the moment...I can't wait for it to arrive <3 It's so pretty.

  12. omg!!! those mel by melissa shoes are soooo adorable!!! i love those jelly footwear!! :D and you look so cute in this entire outfit!

    Animated Confessions

  13. Hello,Ciao Sammi...beautiful photos and your outfit is a're an Artist of Style...cheers!
    greetings from Italia

  14. I see that you are into pastel color, you look gorgeous! :D

  15. Oh I love Nishe too !
    And this dress is adorable.
    I didn't know that Urban sells Mel too.

    Love from Paris,

  16. What a lovely dress - I love how you've styled it :-)

  17. What an adorable dress. I'm always blown away by how effortlessly these dresses seem to look on you. I saw this on Modcloth also on sale but I immediately thought it would look silly on me but you rock it! I do love that about the blogging world. I've only been blogging for going on 3 months now but I already feel support and all the wonderful things that blogging brings, a connection to girls who are similar to me whether it be fashion or life.

  18. You are too adorable and this dress is just too perfect. I have to agree with you, meeting so many lovely people has been the best part of blogging c:

  19. I love this outfit! The shoes, the pie ring, the dress with the adorable collar. So perfect for you. Thanks for sharing!



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