Monday, June 9, 2014


Outfit Details:
Circus print dress: ModCloth (available here)
Pretzel necklace: ModCloth (similar here)
Black bolero: Forever 21
Black flats: jcpenney

I'd been watching a lot of this series called Freakshow on Netflix.  It originally premiered on AMC, but I'd never heard of it 'til recently.  It's pretty fascinating.  There's obviously some scripted material involved, but it centers around the performers involved in a freak show on the Venice Beach boardwalk.  The performers are pretty extraordinary, both in terms of what they can do and the kind of people they are.  There are some people who are hesitant to use the term "freak" because of its negative connotation, but I think it's sort of great that these people are taking back the term and making it into something positive.  They even decided to ban the word "normal," since they felt that was actually a negative term.  I'm sort of inclined to agree.  Kind of makes you wonder what "normal" actually is.  Boring, maybe.  I don't ever want to be boring.  What I've chosen for my career isn't "normal."  How I dress isn't "normal."  I don't want to fade into the background and settle for "normal" in most aspects of my life.  It's definitely not the easier route to go, but it's way more interesting.

I love the print on this dress!  ModCloth carried it only in this color (it also comes in a really pretty shade of blue), and actually carried a pair of high-waisted shorts in the same print.  I'd initially ordered the shorts (the back pockets were heart-shaped!), but the stretchy fabric was really unforgiving, and I loved them way more in theory than on me.  I'm so glad I ended up getting the dress version though, because even though it's tight-fitting (I'd recommend sizing up, even though it has stretch), it's really flattering.  I ended up wearing this to a little adventure to a casino (with my high school boyfriend, of all people), which was fun and interesting.  Next time I wear this dress, I definitely want to add a petticoat and some kind of retro up-do.  I seriously need to figure out how to do victory rolls.

Have a great Monday!
xox Sammi


  1. Wow, this dress fits you like a dream, like it was made for your measurements. Lovely. I also actually really like the B&W print, especially since you chose to go all B&W with the outfit. For some reason, for me, it brings my eye back to your hair and your Betty Paige like bangs, which is always a plus in my book :)

  2. that print is awesome! :3, I had never heard about the freakshow serie, and I love freak things so I wish to watch it :)

  3. Love this dress! It's been getting colder here but I've still been wanting to wear spaghetti-strap dresses and sleeveless tops etc, and I never considered a bolero until this post smacked me in the face! (Thanks for that, I would otherwise probably freeze to death in my defiance against the weather)


  4. I love this dress on you! I own it in blue, and you've really sold on me on this colorway! Adorable as always


  5. really pretty dress sammi!

  6. Wow! That print makes me want to go to the circus! It really is flattering on you, and a petticoat would be amazing with it.. Would you wear it with striped tights or would that be overkill? Lol.. I would! ;)

  7. I've been practicing my victory rolls recently! (just at home, not ready to wear them out in public yet) but if you go to YouTube i highly recommend The Cherry Dollface and The Only Vintage Doll, They both have really easy to follow tutorials. I would love to see how yours turn out!

    Have a wonderful day!

    ~Tirzah Grace

  8. "Normal" is dangerous because it implies that some people are abnormal, I think. Like there's something wrong with them. I like the idea of turning the term freak into a positive :)
    The print on that dress is super cool.


  9. That show sounds like something I would love very, very much. In that same vein, have you heard of the show Oddities? You should look it up. I think you would like it. ;)

    This dress is perfect. It's far from normal, and that's why I love it. After all, normal is just another setting on the washing machine.


  10. I love the dress! I have been pondering purchases it myself for my nephews circus themed birthday party. I love the length and it does look super flattering! I have heard of that show also but haven't watched it but I generally like all AMC shows so I'll have to give it a chance!

  11. I'm with you, death to normalcy! This print is so fun and unique too. Plus, its so flattering on you <3

  12. This dress looks amazing on you! It is such a flattering fit (: and I love your hair like this!


  14. Lové your fringe, i Forgot to mention last Time :)

    Have a lovely week girl !


  15. your dress collection is amazing! I loved this print from ModCloth for so long! I'm also going to need to check out that series, Netflix is forever surprising me with interesting and addicting shows.

  16. I love black on white prints for summer. They can be changed by adding a color accessory but I love how you left your outfit black and white so your pretty make up and red lips really pop!

    Have you ever done a make up tutorial? I need to explore your past posts. With your theatrical background I bet you know so much more than the average gal like me!

  17. Love this dress! And that cute little pretzel teehee


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