Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lilacs and daisies

Outfit Details:
Lilac dress (worn as a skirt): Bernie Dexter
Purple sweater: Bettie Page Clothing
White belt & petticoat: eBay
White heels: jcpenney
Daisy brooch & ring: Mom's

Today's post is going to be a little quick.  Not only has it snowed like crazy over the past few days (which explains these indoor photos -- normally, I'd brave the snow, but it is simply far too cold and too windy to venture outdoors), but I'm also still recovering from having my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday.  I'm guessing I won't feel like editing this post before it goes live, so I'll have to give an update on Monday or something.  Here's hoping everything went well!  :)

This Bernie Dexter dress is probably one of my top five most-prized dresses I own.  Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower in the world (my new bedding even has lilacs on it!); not only are they beautiful flowers, but they have the most wonderful scent.  I wore this dress back in May, when we went to the Lilac Festival (the lilac is actually Rochester's official flower, and there's a festival here every year that's centered around it).  I love the top of this dress, which you can't see here, but I wanted to figure out a way to get more use out of it.  It's such a springy print, but I think layering a sweater over it makes it work for almost any season.  I'd normally wear lilac-themed accessories with it (since, let's face it, I tend to dress like I'm wearing a costume), but I opted for daisies instead.  Both the brooch and ring are my mom's, and my mom very nearly named me Daisy.  She still regrets not naming me that to this day!  I don't think I'm a Daisy though, as adorable as the name is.

I'll be resting up for the remainder of the day, but I hope to be feeling better by tomorrow.  Thanks so much to everyone who gave me wisdom-teeth related advice!  I stocked up on soups and other soft foods, and hopefully my mom is making mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes (yum!) at some point.  Between that and the ice cream I bought, maybe this won't be so bad... :)

Hope your weekend is wonderful!
xox Sammi


  1. Lovely outfit. Lilac is one of my favourite colours and the white belt really finishes it off!

  2. I love that you've styled this amazing dress as a skirt and HOW LOVELY is your bedroom loving the mint dresser!!! get well soon sweetie!


  3. Oh! I didn't even realize until the last paragraph these photos were taken after the wisdom teeth came out. You look good!

    I adore that dress! Lilacs are one of my favorites too. We had a bush in the back yard with them. And how fun there is an entire festival for them!

  4. lilac print is so beautiful, makes me dream of spring! lovely outfit you've got here.

  5. You can seriously rock this outfit!!
    I love the dress. c:
    Very festive of you to wear to such an occasion. c;


  6. Goodness me that skirt is just gorgeous! Adore the daisy details as well, especially the ring. xx

  7. that daisy ring is adorable on you! You can wear dresses so well. :)

    come check out my blog,

  8. This is a super pretty outfit! I saw on your other social media that you got through the wisdom teeth surgery, so yay! I was super nervous for mine last year, and had a bad reaction to the painkillers afterward and puked all night! The WORST time to throw up is when you have stitches in your jaw, yeah?


  9. This dress is gorgeous! Love the spring vibe. ♡


  10. I hope you have a speedy recovery! That is a lovely dress and I love your dresser too ;)

  11. I love this look! Hope you feel better soon! xoxo


  12. This shade of purple is so pretty on you! And I love the daisy details :) Totally jealous of your mint dresser! It's perfect!

    Jenny Lee

  13. I need that lilac skirt in my life inmediately, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Following at once.


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