Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Favorites #35

I'm keeping my Friday Favorites a little short this week, since I'm having my wisdom teeth surgery today (and I was distracted/anxious about it last night, when I was putting together this post).  It's a little all over the place, but that's kind of to be expected once the holidays are over, right?

Pink has become kind of a staple in my wardrobe, and these two pink shoes are practically perfect:

one // two

I'm not usually thrilled with overalls, but this little pink overall dress is so adorable!  It's like a jumper, but better!  Kinda farmgirl chic.  I'm a fan.

I don't really have use for a coin bank, but I just want this little donut bank so badly!
I love this retro skirt and vinyl wall clock!  They make a great pair.
a // b

And gosh, I love this mint blouse from Pinup Girl Clothing!  The color, the peter pan collar, and the little bow?  How perfect can a shirt possibly be??

I wish I had seen these two things in time for the holidays!  They definitely would have been on my Christmas wish list!
1 // 2

If you're into vintage and kitschy housewares, you should take a look at Kicky Digs.  It's a new Etsy shop run by a director of mine and his wife.  They really have an amazing eye for vintage pieces (their house is truly incredible), and they have some really cute things for sale right now!

BAIT's new line is absolutely killing me.  How pretty is this little white heel?

I would like this banana necklace, please!!

Speaking of banana... I love that yellow is showing up more in pieces, and that it's a yellow I can actually wear!  Mustard is a really awful color on me (which is sad, because it's lovely), so I really adore these bright yellow accents:

a // b

I'm also always into lavender, no matter what season it is!

c // d

If I'm gonna go ahead and dress up like a woodland princess, I think it's only fitting to pack my lunch in this little faun container!

If we're going to talk about containers, I have to mention these darling cake tins!
And thinking about cake makes me want this delicious-sounding s'mores milkshake...

If being healthy in the kitchen is more of your thing... this adorable carrot whisk might be for you:

I have my own little orange item that frequents the kitchen... but she's more of a Pumpkin, not a carrot!  :)  This little kitten reminds me of her!

Have a wonderful Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. ahhh I must have that sock hop skirt! xoxo


  2. I love how your first three are all cotton candy pink, haha very fitting! Those oxford shoes are the most darling little things. And I am in love with the dress that has a yellow bow and belt! Too cute :)

  3. lovely picks!
    wish you a wonderful weekend!

  4. Such lovely things! I am in love especially with everything pink. The shoes are both just adorable. I am having my eyes on Bait Footwear for quite a while, it can't take long till I need to order… Have a wonderful weekend my dear <3


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