Thursday, October 24, 2013


Outfit Details:
A Plot to Love Dress: ModCloth (no longer available, but similar here, here and here)
Dream of the Crop Cardigan in Oatmeal: ModCloth (no longer available, other colors here)
No. 2 Necklace: Hello Holiday (no longer available, similar here)
Lady in Rad Boot in Ink: ModCloth
Tights: can't remember (similar here)
Belt: from another dress

I had to fit in a Hocus Pocus reference somewhere this season, and this dress is pretty perfect for it.  This is one of a few indisputably-autumnal dresses in my closet.  I'm sure I could find a way to wear it in the summertime too, but this print always seems slightly spooky to me, and the dress simply looks better with a cardigan and tights.  I wore this dress in a post back in March (in an admittedly similar way), but I'm kind of circling back to a lot of my early outfit posts and taking new photos, since I think the outdoor ones are nicer and everything.

It's kind of amazing when a good night's sleep makes all the difference.  I mentioned in my last post that I've been having trouble sleeping (and when I do, I've had some not-very-nice dreams).  It seems a lot of people around me are having similar issues, and a lot of people seem to be in a weird place, emotionally and mentally.  Although that's never a good thing, there is some comfort in commiserating.  It's nice to not feel so alone.  I keep seeing people posting about how we should choose to be happy.  Although that can be a bit of a struggle when you're going through something that's emotionally taxing or traumatic, I think there's a lot of truth in thinking that we make our own happiness.  I don't want to be dependent on someone else to make me feel complete or confident or joyous.  That comes from me, and the choices I make.  So I'm going to choose to be happy as much as I can.  :)  For instance, I'm happy about being able to spend time with friends this weekend, and to get dressed up (as if I needed an excuse!).  Change is really hard, but I'm ready to embrace the things that come along with that, and at the very least, try to make the best of every situation, and savor the joy that comes from that.

And in relation to that, I just want to express my gratitude for everyone who commented on my last post, and to anyone who has done so on any of my other posts that have been less-than-cheery.  I am genuinely touched by your sweet words and thoughts.  Not to get too dramatic, but it really does restore my faith in humanity when there are such kind souls that care enough to reach out to me with such words of encouragement and empathy.  And even if you didn't say anything, but still read my post(s), thank you for being so understanding and for taking the time to do so.

Have a great Thursday!
xox Sammi    


  1. yay for you. i love your great attitude and wish the best for you. i love this's so quirky and fun!

  2. What an amazing dress- you have the best prints! I love your necklace too- I looked for one like that after seeing a similar one on Joan in Mad Men :) That's an inspiring way to look at things!

  3. I ADORE that dress. Gah I'm so upset it's not available anymore!!! You look fantastic as always : )

  4. This.dress...!!! The print AND it has pockets! I'm in love! How did I miss this?!? And the necklace! You always add the cutest details. You look adorable :)

    Good for you! I think that acknowledging outside factors and taking what they can from them allows people to decide what's important to them. And that allows them to make their own happiness. It sounds like you're on the right track <3

    Jenny Lee

  5. You are an absolute vision of fall time loveliness and classic, feminine style. I adore the different elements of this outfit, from the patterned frock to the charming pencil necklace, and how perfectly they harmonize together. You've got me thinking that I might just have to head out into the woods (if we get a dry day!) myself this season for a shoot of my own.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your terrifically nice comment on my 1950s coral suit outfit post this week. ♥

  6. Good for you! It is amazing what a good night sleep can do. I love the Hocus Pocus reference--my favorite "scary" movie, since I'm such a scaredy-cat.

  7. Hahaha, that is one of my favorite scenes from that movie. You look beautiful!

    Love, Amy

  8. Oh my, a book print dress? has anything so wonderful existed before! I love it and how you styled it.

    Even more though, I'm glad to hear you got a good night's rest and are hoping to focus on fun, more positive things in your life. It is so hard, but good that you are doing that.

  9. What a great dress! And title! Love that this dress has pockets too! The whole outfit is fab!


  10. I lusted after that dress when it was on Modcloth...ugh. I really need a book-print dress. I can I be a librarian without one?! haha. I love the neutral colors of this outfit. It really is great for autumn!

  11. Oooh love the book print and the color coordination with the cardi. Keep your head up!

  12. This one is beautiful too! You look a vision. If you ever decided to sell this one, please do let me know, I'd definitely buy it!!x


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