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The Soubrette Brunette's 2023 Holiday Gift Guides

It's finally that time of year again: my 2023 holiday gift guides are finally here! I've had a lot of fun putting together the best holiday gift guides I can for the last several seasons (check out my 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 gift guides, as well as my HSP gift guide, for even more unique gift ideas). And this year was no exception.

For my holiday gift guide 2023 post, I've embraced some very niche aesthetics, as well as some more general favorites. If you're shopping around for Christmas gift ideas, scroll through my curated collections and get some great inspo for everyone on your list. You might even find something to ask Santa for this year!

The Soubrette Brunette's Holiday Gift Guide 2023

best holiday gift guide for unique gifts

Without further ado, check out my holiday gift guides below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I may earn a small commission (which helps to run my blog and social media channels) at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Soubrette Brunette! Now, let's get shopping.

American Girl Doll Gifts for the Historical at Heart

Ever since Halloween, I've been really leaning into fashion inspired by American Girl. Since so many other women hold Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Addy, Josefina, and the others so close to their hearts, I decided to put together a guide filled with American Girl gifts that any grown-up would love. Some of these American Girl doll gifts are obviously paying homage to the brand, while others just reminded me of these characters' iconic fashions. Take a look at my ideas for American Girl gifts below.
american girl doll gifts ideas
1. Samantha doll-inspired t-shirt dress
2. The Care and Keeping of You earrings
3. Taylor Swift/Samantha doll sweatshirt
4. Red velvet hair bow clip
5. Addy Walker throwback bundle
6. Dolls of Our Lives book
7. Plaid Mary Jane heels
8. Josefina illustration
9. Taylor Swift/Kirsten doll sweatshirt
10. American Girls tote bag
11. Samantha "Rich Bitch" sticker
12. American Girl notecards
13. Gold heart locket necklace
14. Red striped pajama set
15. American Girl transit print
16. American Girl winter outfit illustration print 

Marie Antoinette Gifts for Rococo Connoisseurs

I've always loved Marie Antoinette (who else had her Royal Diaries book growing up?), but I actually didn't watch the Sophia Coppala film version until more recently. Of course, it's become one of my cinematic go-tos. I put together this really fun list of Marie Antoinette gifts for those who love pastels, patisseries, and Parisian references. These Marie Antoinette inspired gifts include both the romantic and the tongue-in-cheek.
marie antoinette inspired gifts
a. Designed by Shea print
b. cake slice hair claw
c. cake wine goblet
d. old Versailles map print
e. gleaming primrose hand mirror
f. Marie Antoinette cat oven mitt
g. Rose ribbon choker necklace
h. "The Swing" Rococo pin
i. Rococo fashion stickers
j. Marie Antoinette's Head book
k. Marie Antoinette tote bag
l. Marie Antoinette scented candle
m. Marie Antoinette heels
n. Versailles treats mug
o. let them eat cake sweatshirt
p. Selkie confection muff purse

Pickle Gifts for a Big Dill BFF

This one may be a bit niche, but pickles are having a much-deserved moment. I know I'm not the only pickle girl around, so I had to curate a list of pickle gifts for your big dill BFFs. These gifts for pickle lovers include both edible and wearable options, so your loved ones can savor and style their love of gherkins, cukes, and cornichons with ease. Check out these pickle gifts (some of which can double as gag gifts!) and watch your recipient relish them for years to come.
gifts for pickle lovers
1. pickle brands sweatshirt
2. big dill pickle candle
3. pickle chip earrings
4. dill pickle lip balm
5. pickle tea towel
6. pickle grabber
7. dill pickle popcorn seasoning
8. pickle socks
9. pickle hair claw
10. spicy dill pickle almonds
11. pickle jar Christmas ornament
12. Tatty Devine "In a Pickle" Necklace
13. pickle bandages
14. lift-and-drain pickle jar
15. pickles of the month subscription
16. pickle jar earrings

Literary Gifts for Book Lovers

I've put compiled a list of gifts ideas for book lovers before, but there are so many great literary gifts now that it made sense to include an updated version in this year's holiday gift guides post. These gifts for book lovers, bookworms, and wordsmiths will be sure to delight – whether your recipient has an affinity for classic literature or they want to add some new reads to their shelf.
gifts for book lovers
a. novel-tea literary blends
b. Little Women t-shirt
c. Owl Crate book box subscription
d. book shelf tote bag
e. books barrette
f. greatest first lines of literature mug
g. fictional characters long-sleeve tee
h. book stack sweatshirt
i. The Secret Garden book vase
j. no shelf control book socks
k. book lover's hair clip
l. Jane Eyre wallet
m. Merry Bookmas sweatshirt
n. reading valet
o. custom birth flower bookmark
p. collectible book scented candles
q. romance novels tumbler

90s Nostalgic Gifts for Sentimental Millennials 

Us millennials get a lot of flack from both sides, so what better way to celebrate your favorite late-20s-to-late-30s loved one than with some nostalgic gifts that evoke fond memories of our childhoods? These nostalgic gift ideas play on pop culture icons and sentimental experiences that just scream "1990s." I'd argue that these are some of the best gifts for millennials on your holiday list.
90s nostalgic gifts
1. Boy Meets World embroidered sweatshirt
2. Hook "Bang-a-Rang" enamel pin
3. Clueless VHS memories crossbody bag
4. create-your-own reel viewer
5. Pee-wee Herman ornament
6. One in a Millennial book
7. Ms. Frizzle sticker
8. Reading Rainbow earrings
9. Whatever! An Activity Book for 90s Kids
10. Kate Gabrielle "Ella" bag in sparkle
11. Our Universe Barbie heart bag
12. "Now That's What I Call Anxiety" sticker
13. Clarissa mug
14. Hook "Bad Form" enamel pin
15. Friends trifle salt & pepper shakers

Murder Mystery Gifts for Armchair Detectives

I've included true crime gifts in previous gift guides, but I love a good (fictional) mystery just as much, if not more. These murder mystery gifts are perfect for Hercule Poirot and Phryne Fisher fans alike. Whether your recipient has Opinions™ on Sherlock Holmes or they're really into Only Murders in the Building, these gifts for murder mystery lovers will provide the best kind of plot twist this holiday.
murder mystery gifts
a. Christmas Nightmare: At-Home Murder Mystery
b. Poirot bookmark
c. Lady detective role models t-shirt
d. murdle detective puzzle book
e. Sherlock Holmes book purse
f. "I'd rather be solving crime" keychain
g. miniature detective agency building kit
h. Arconia sweatshirt
i. Murder on the Orient Express wallet
j. Agatha Christie book weekender tote
k. Phryne Fisher enamel pin
l. Sherlock Holmes book teapot
m. The Great Bake-Down murder mystery
n. Only Murders Pickwick triplets hat
o. Clue movie poster t-shirt
p. magnifying glass necklace

Feminist Gifts for Your Favorite Badass

Searching the best gifts for feminist friends on your list? Look no further. I tried to steer clear of anything too cringe in favor of intersectional gifts for feminists across all walks of life. Whether a funny meme will always do the trick or you want to bond over your girl power, I hope you'll find something among this guide of great gifts for feminists when it comes time to present a present to your favorite badass.

Best Secret Santa Gifts, White Elephant Gift Ideas, and Gifts For People Who Are Hard to Shop For

What do you get for that new coworker, friend-of-a-friend, or loved one who has everything? I put together a "miscellaneous" holiday guide this year that's full of great Secret Santa gift ideas, white elephant gift ideas for adults, and gifts for people who are hard to shop for. Before you grab a generic gift card or take a total shot in the dark, check out what I think are some of the best Secret Santa gifts and unique presents for when you're stuck on what to give.
best secret santa gift ideas
a. The Music Memory Game
b. adulting merit badge mug
c. white elephant candle
d. The Thrifty Baker book
e. lavender heat wrap
f. corgi hair claw
g. slipper socks
h. hangry oven mitt
i. mini golf club bag
j. cozy tea bookmark
k. lavender sleep mist
l. yodeling pickle
m. condiments tote
n. gingerbread sipper
o. breakfast food apron
p. world's smallest Bop It
q. It's So You Kate Spade book

Happy holiday shopping!

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