Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summertime Outfit Roundup

Happy Autumn! I feel like this summer really flew by – but maybe that's because I managed to fit in so many fun things! Here are some of my outfit (and real life) highlights from the past few months:

outfit roundup

In June, I went out in search of lilacs, poppies and strawberries! I busied myself with rehearsals and received dresses from my dearest friends. I even won an Instagram contest! It was very nice start to the summer.

summer outfit

In July, I went cherry picking and visited a rose garden right in the middle of the city. I also visited a transportation museum, watched fireworks and performed in an awesome show. July was a pretty memorable month!

outfit posts

August was filled with friends on both the west and east coasts! I finally met both Kate and Ashley in person, and it was wonderful to find out that our friendship extends beyond the Internet. I also got to see old friends, and it was nice to know that time and distance doesn't change real, lasting bonds. Plus, I saw a few great movies, went to Disneyland and the Renaissance Faire, and ate a lot of yummy food!

What was your favorite thing you did this summer?


  1. Your summer outfits are a veritable symphony of patterns, definitely a triumphant performance, if one can use that metaphor? You always look.beautiful! You've inspired me to actually wear my brooches that I own (I've done some brooch highlight posts on my blog which lots of people have loved so thank you for your inspiration. I can never aspire to your immaculate collection but ah well!!! Definitely Erstwilder is somewhere I'd love to buy from!

    I'm glad you've had a successful summer, musically and socially too!

    Some of my highlights include performing Shostakovitch symphony no 10 and Stravinsky violin concerto, plus finally getting to know the full Porgy and Bess! I enjoyed visiting Blenheim palace, visiting a maize maze and composing a successful piccolo and tuba duet!!x

  2. All such wonderful, stunning your style! :)

  3. Love your unique vintage dresses as well as the flower dresses.
    Just stumbled across your blog and it is amazing. ♥

  4. Boy, did it ever whiz past!!! Even with Tony gone for almost three months, it's still a serious contender for the fastest feeling summer ever for me.

    Wishing you a terrific start of fall, lovely lady!
    ♥ Jessica


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