Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lilac Lane

lilac dress

I've mentioned before (i.e., probably every time I've worn this dress on my blog) that lilacs are my absolute favorite flower in the whole wide world. I guess it's a fortunate choice, because not only are they pretty common in this area, but we have an entire festival dedicated to them! I took these photos in Highland Park (the same park where I took these photos), which has a huge section dedicated solely to showcasing all of the varieties of lilacs. Lilac season is relatively short, so I was glad to catch them at just the right time! I don't usually take photos in the morning, but I wasn't about to try in the late afternoon during the festival, and it was so serene to take photos in the sunshine when virtually no one else was around.

bernie dexter lilac
vintage couple

My sweet friend Henry came along with me for these photos! You might remember him from the post we did for Airigami's Balloon Manor or this diner-themed post. He's gone for the summer for a performing gig, so it was great to spend some time with him before he left. It's always a lot of fun to take photos with Henry, because he has such a distinct personal style and is into fashion just as much as I am. Isn't he dapper in these shots?? Men, take note: please wear suspenders much more often.

retro couple
vintage guy
outfit details
lilac print dress
lilac print
purple floral dress
Outfit Details
Dress: Bernie Dexter (similar)
Cardigan: c/o Heart of Haute (from a giveaway)
Lilac brooch: eBay
Pettiskirt: similar
Flats: similar

lilac flowers
Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. Yay! Henry returns! Love it! I have this print as well in a different style, it's one of my favs that I haven't worn yet since winter ended! I think I have to change that ASAP!

  2. Honestly, how are both of you the cutest things ever?

  3. Lovely! I am in honest awe of your dress collection - you have so many sweet, pretty things in your closet, it really is amazing. This color suits you so well, and Henry looks just as fresh. I'm really digging his white pants and suspenders!
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  4. Soooo gorgeous! I flat out adore lilacs, too. I wish they could bloom all year round, though perhaps a touch of their magic would wear off if such was the case (or not - probably not in my books! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. That Bernie dress is so beautiful and once again you look wonderful wearing it! :) I love lilac as a colour!

  6. I love that you both match the lilacs. They're a favorite of mine too!

  7. So lovely! I love how you photographed this dress with the lilac tree! So pretty!


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