Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lucky in love

lady luck skinnydip purse

I don't consider myself to be very lucky in love. I'm fortunate in many ways, but when it comes to matters of the heart, I've historically been a bit... cursed, shall we say. Maybe that's too strong a word. This isn't a "woe is me" kind of post (on the contrary, I feel sort of amused by the whole thing as I'm writing this); I've had a few rather dysfunctional relationships, a couple of bad breakups, a lot of unrequited feelings... but there's been a lot of good in there, too. I've fallen head-over-heels and have been loved hard. I've been "the other woman" and "The One." I wear my heart on my sleeve (and sometimes in purse form), and I usually listen to and follow it pretty closely. I've spent the last year or so trying to heal my little heart, and I've let myself love again, in spite of all the risks. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is one of the bravest and most beautiful things you can do, in my opinion, and I feel glad that I can be in that place again – even if it means getting hurt in the process. Our hearts are so resilient, aren't they? A couple of years ago, I don't think I would've been able to look past what I'd experienced (much less be thankful for it), but here I am: happy, hopeful, and loving myself more than ever. So maybe I am lucky, after all... lucky that I feel so deeply, and lucky to be where I am now.

tatyana shame swing dress red
vintage hat
red polka dot dress

Moving on to something more superficial...  I have to take a moment to say that this Tatyana dress is AMAZING. I don't think I'm doing anything fancy for Valentine's Day, but if I do anything that requires changing out of pajamas, I'll be wearing this. I was initially a little worried about how it would look on me, but I was so thrilled when I tried it on after receiving it for Christmas (thanks, Mom!). It's playful and sexy, but I still feel totally well-covered and classy in it. It also fits like a glove, which always helps. I decided to keep it fairly simple with the accessorizing (well, except for the holiday-appropriate novelty bag), but I'm already thinking of other ways I'd like to style this special dress. It's currently out of stock at Tatyana, but you can sign up for the waiting list!

tatyana bettie page dress
red vintage dress
tatyana red shame dress
heart purse
red dress tatyana
Outfit Details
Shame Red Circle Dress: Tatyana Boutique
Skinnydip Lady Luck purse: ASOS
Shoes: ModCloth (similar)
Vintage hat: Etsy (similar)

red 1950s dress

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites #122

It's nearly the weekend, and I'm looking forward to eating lots of chocolate (aka the best part of Valentine's Day) and sleeping late! And of course, I've been eyeing a bunch of fun things this week...

Grease and Little Shop of Horrors are two of my favorite retro(ish) musicals, and I need these brooches in my life!
musical brooch
a   ||   b

This spiderweb cardigan is creepy-cute at its finest!
spiderweb cardigan

Gimme all the adorable Pusheen merch, please!
a   ||   b

These ballet flats are perfect.
nude ballet flats

I love this purse!
telephone purse
These shoe print dresses are so darling!
kitten d'amour
a   //   b

I'm swooning over these pastel babydoll slips!
pastel babydoll slips
 1   ||   2   ||   3

And how beautiful is this bra and panty set?
retro lingerie

This charger is so festive!
phone charger

This tee looks so cute and comfy:
balloon tee

These 19 tweets about Valentine's Day are too good.

I might need these skirts in my life...
unique vintage skirts

a   ||   b

... And this one, too:
poodle skirt

I know it came out a while ago, but I binge-read this book in 2 days and am now sort of obsessed. Her story is so fascinating!

There's a Minnie Mouse collection coming to Sephora this spring!

I also cannot WAIT for the Irregular Choice x Alice in Wonderland collaboration! Read a bit about it here.
irregular choice alice in wonderland

Finally, I really enjoyed this article on Paul Reubens. I grew up watching Pee-wee's Playhouse, and I'm eager to see his new movie that's coming to Netflix.

Have a great holiday weekend! And check back tomorrow for my Valentine's Day post! :)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


vintage pink dress

I'm feeling sort of indifferent towards Valentine's Day this year. Don't get me wrong; I really enjoy the kitsch of this particular holiday, and any excuse to eat a lot of candy and celebrate the people you love is always great. But I don't really know what (if anything) I'll be doing – other than perhaps going out for brunch with my best friend – and I feel neither bitter about nor excited by February 14th. I guess I just have no expectations, and maybe that's okay. If it ends up being a delightful day, then that's wonderful. And if it's not, then I won't be disappointed. Managing my expectations is actually a goal of mine this year, and there's no better time than the present. This all sounds sort of depressing, but it isn't meant to be. I actually just feel sort of content about the whole thing. Whatever will be, will be (a rare sentiment for an anxious, sensitive person!)... and if nothing else, I will have Reese's peanut butter hearts. So that's enough of a reason to rejoice.

vintage pink
pink nightgown vintage
peach rose brooch
pink dress

This dress (which actually might be more of a nightgown?) is a vintage find I snagged from one of the clothing swap + sell groups I belong to on Facebook. If you're trying to hunt down a specific piece or are a vintage-lover, I highly recommend seeking out some of these groups, since oftentimes items are listed there before eBay or Etsy. I'm honestly not 100% happy with this outfit (i.e., I wish I could find my nude slip and wore a different cardigan), but I like that it's a bit dreamy and romantic, and it's a bit of a departure from what I've worn as of late. The rose brooch is also vintage, and reminds me SO much of my late-Grandma (peach was her favorite color, and for whatever reason, the pin immediately spoke to me). Wearing vintage pieces already makes me feel like I'm carrying a bit of the original owner(s) around with me, and I love the idea of being able to wear someone's history and continue it by giving a piece new life. And being reminded of someone you love while wearing a vintage piece is even better!

valentine's outfit vintage
pink nightgown
pink vintage dress
Outfit Details
Vintage dress/nightgown: Facebook group
Brooch: Sweet Bee Finds
Cardigan: ModCloth
Hair flower: similar
Heels: similar

valentine vintage outfit

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Monday, February 8, 2016


unique vintage garden state dress

I have a soft spot in my heart for pale yellow dresses; there's just something about them that's very feminine, yet unexpected. I wore the mint version of the Unique Vintage Garden State dress in this blog post from last winter, but when they recently released it in some new shades, I knew I needed to have this yellow colorway. I also knew I wanted to pair it with this Beauty-and-the-Beast-inspired rose brooch from Deer Arrow – because honestly, as a lover of all things Disney, how could I not style this in a "tale as old as time" kind of way?

unique vintage
deer arrow
yellow vintage dress

I'm thinking about change this week. This is a pretty extensive topic to cover, but I'm trying to figure out the next steps I want to take for my life. I've been living in this little safety bubble for quite some time now, and though I've crossed some major things off my to-do list, I still have a lot more left to tackle. I've been in a "caught in limbo" state for the last few years – pursuing my passion on a small scale, but feeling sort of left behind in terms of hitting certain milestones. It's always taken me a little bit longer to forge my own path, and I'm okay with that, but I don't want to feel stuck anymore just because I don't know what I want. I don't feel a strong pull to up and move somewhere else at the moment, but I don't think I want to feel settled here yet, either. I get really overwhelmed when I think about all the things I need to do, so right now, I need to focus on just a couple of major pieces of the puzzle. Taking these steps is a scary thing, but I have to remember that being brave means doing things before you necessarily feel ready, and putting myself outside my comfort zone is the only way I'll grow and learn... and I definitely want to do that. Anyone else feel this way?

unique vintage garden state yellow
deer arrow spellbound
yellow dress
Outfit Details
Garden State Dress: c/o Unique Vintage
Spellbound Rose Brooch: c/o Deer Arrow
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

yellow unique vintage dress
Have a great start to your week!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites #121

Another week is at its end (and not a moment too soon!). Here's what I've been adoring this week:

Love these new printed midi-skirts from Chicwish!

chicwish skirt
1   ||   2   ||   3

I'm swooning over this rose print dress – perfect for Valentine's Day!
rose print dress
Or if you'd prefer a red rose dress, this one's gorgeous:
rose dress modcloth

I'd definitely need this coordinating purse, too.
kate spade rose purse

These new "Ophelia" dress colors from Lindy Bop are so pretty.
ophelia dress lindy bop
1   //   2   //   3

These shoes would probably be easy to DIY, but I like them nonetheless!
heart shoes

I may or may not have decided to get an early Valentine's gift for myself in the form of this perfume sampler... I've been wanting to try this line out, and this is the perfect (and inexpensive) way!
commodity perfume
Love this timely garland!
heart garland
These little guys are so sweet!
dalmatian purse
a  ||   b

This printed dress is wonderful!
cath kidston
And so are these:
modcloth dress

a   ||   b   ||   c

This photo series is lovely.

dangerfield parisian dress
Even more novelty purses! I love the pretzel especially, and the keyboard actually plays music!
betsey johnson purses
a   //   b   //   c

I'm rejoicing over the new vegan Ben & Jerry's flavors! I'm not vegan, but I do have dairy sensitivities, so I'm really excited to try their new additions that are made with almond milk.
ben & jerry's vegan
I know I had a couple of rotten days this week, so if you've been feeling the same, you need these two tumblr-related lists...

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to enter my 3-year blogiversary giveaway! You could win 1 of 3 incredible prize packages. Get more info & enter here!

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small commission, which helps to run my blog. I link only to items and brands I absolutely love. Thank you for supporting The Soubrette Brunette!
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