Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Strawberry Season

joanie clothing jam jar dres

Holy cow, I can't believe it's been exactly a month since I last posted. It's amazing how quickly time seems to pass. I've been a little busier than normal (I did a staged reading, spent some time at the lake, and have been trying to put together my show for the Fringe Festival in September), but mostly... I haven't felt much like blogging. I still love blogging and don't plan on giving it up any time soon. But the work that's involved feels like a lot when you're running on empty. I've been taking photos, which means I have a big backlog. It's actually the photo editing that's keeping me from posting more frequently. It's so much easier to edit a single image for Instagram than it is a slew of large photos for this blog. I love doing it when I have the time and energy; those two things are just harder to come by these days.

strawberry jam dress
strawberry dress joanie clothing
strawberry picking rochester ny

That said, I have no shortage of time or energy when it comes to fruit picking! I know how quickly these seasons fly, so I've been making it a priority. I kicked things off with strawberry picking at Chase Farms. My mom and I went early one morning last month and we weren't disappointed. Of course, I had to wear this adorable jam jar dress (which is currently on sale!) from Joanie Clothing. It happens to match my jam jar brooch from Erstwilder perfectly, which isn't all that surprising when you consider how much I love a good food-themed outfit.

jam print dress

I never actually make anything from the strawberries we pick (other than strawberry shortcake!), but that's fine with me. These were so delicious. There's nothing quite like a ripe, local strawberry. I'm trying to savor all this fruit as much as I can because once it's gone, it's gone. I think a lot of my favorite things are like that (e.g., lilacs, peonies, peaches) – and that's probably not an accident. Everything feels so much more special when they're around.
joanie clothing dress
Outfit Details
Betty Jam Jar Dress: c/o Joanie Clothing
Popular Preserve Brooch: c/o Erstwilder (similar)
Flats: Crocs (similar) - they're good shoes for walking around in dirt!

strawberries chase farms fairport ny

I guess things have been a bit hectic lately. Aside from all of the other stuff I mentioned, my best friend was in a really serious car accident last week. Miraculously, he's going to be alright and I am so, so relieved. I've been reminded once again not to take people you love for granted or put off the important stuff. That means I'm enjoying as much as I can and that I'm wanting to take better care of myself, too. I hold myself accountable for so many things, but that last one's tough. I guess I'll start with savoring every moment – especially the moments that involve eating fresh fruit. 


  1. I love your dress - and your strawberries!

  2. Oh my gosh, everything is just so CUTE! I feel ya on the blogging challenges. It's been hard for me to keep it going. I may take a break in the fall just to jump start my inspiration. It's so hard to make time for it when I have so much else to focus on!

    1. It's so hard when you work full-time and have other things going on! I want to make it a priority because it makes me happy, but sometimes the energy just isn't there. Here's to hoping we find balance!

  3. I love this dress so much! Joanie Clothing is too dangerous a place for me to visit right now with the sale on!

    1. Hah, it's always a dangerous place for me!! :)

  4. What a perfect outfit for strawberry picking. Visiting strawberry farms is one of my favourite things. :)


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