Friday, December 23, 2016


unique vintage rita dress red

Merry almost-Christmas! I can scarcely believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The time has simply flown by. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear tomorrow and Sunday yet (I have so many options, after all), but this will be the last yuletide outfit I'm sharing here on the blog. And I think I may have saved the best – and fanciest – for last with this dress from Unique Vintage.

unique vintage red rita dress
poinsettia hair flower
red retro dress unique vintage

While I've seen other dresses and tops that feature the front cross-straps, I happen to like UV's "Rita" version because the straps don't feel constrictive at all. The material is quite stretchy (once again, a plus for holiday eating), which helps in that regard. Honestly, I may have been able to size down on this dress due to the stretch, but it's not big enough to bother me very much. And of course, I enjoy the fact that this dress has pockets. It's a piece that makes me feel like a million bucks – without the hefty price tag. I decided to pair this dress with my new favorite hair flower from Stardust Dames Boutique, gold heels, and a faux fur I got on eBay last year. Instant holiday glamour!

unique vintage dress
Outfit Details
Red Rita Halter Flare Dress: c/o Unique Vintage
Poinsettia hair flower: Stardust Dames
Faux fur wrap: similar
Heels: B.A.I.T.

christmas hair flower

I'll be spending Christmas Eve at my parents' house, doing our usual thing. We tend to make that the more exciting part of the holiday in my family, as it's when we eat the yummiest food and open the bulk of our presents. I think we'll still be doing our Chinese food tradition on Christmas Day, but I'm looking forward to having a more relaxing holiday (I hope). I'm always so interested to find out what other families do for the holidays – what's your favorite family tradition? Whatever you do this holiday, I hope you have a happy and safe celebration (or non-celebration)!


  1. Wow you look so stunning!

    Merry Christmas :)

  2. Beautiful Sammi! I love that dress with the wrap!

    My family usually like to have a BBQ with different meats, salads and a dessert... Lots of chocolate too. It's usually always super hot so it's always best to do the majority of the cooking outside and to eat outside when it cools down in the evening :)

    Merry Christmas xx

  3. wow! you look beautiful! love this dress x

  4. Mrs Claus has got herself a competition :)

  5. You are the epitome of a Christmas princess in this outfit - you look like you stepped out of White Christmas (at the end when they have their show in the red gowns!). Just beautiful!

  6. Such a darling ensemble! I love this little wrap!


  7. Fantastic! Such a perfect outfit for the Christmas holiday!


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