Tuesday, December 27, 2016


pinup girl clothing ice blue harlequin

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Our Christmas was really nice and we did a bit of Chanukah celebrating last night. Although I'm Jewish, I always grew up celebrating both holidays, but as I've grown older, our celebrations have evolved. Chanukah sometimes feels like a bit of an after-thought, but we tend to do stereotypically Jewish activities on Christmas Day (i.e., seeing a movie and going out for Chinese food). But given the current political climate, it seems more important than ever for me to be proud of my Jewish heritage and the traditions we keep. I may not be practicing – and I'd always felt like more of a secular Jew anyway – but it's still an integral part of my identity.  So when I saw this new harlequin colorway from Pinup Girl Clothing, I knew it belonged in my closet!

chanukah dress
menorah brooch
pinup girl clothing harlequin

While this dress can easily be associated with winter, it's also very clear that it's the perfect dress for Chanukah. For those wondering about the sizing, I took my normal PUG size (L) for this dress. The size chart suggests that I'm sort of in between an L and an XL, but I actually ended up ordering both and quickly discovered that my regular size was the clear winner. I know some girls received damaged dresses from this batch, but I was lucky and didn't find any flaws of note. Unlike some of my other holiday dresses, this one can – and will – be worn throughout the entire season. I'm excited to style it in other ways, like layering a sweater over it to make it into a skirt!

harlequin dress
harlequin dress
blue harlequin pinup
Outfit Details
Jenny Dress in Blue Ice Harlequin: Pinup Girl Clothing
Menorah brooch: Mom's (similar)
Shoes: Bettie Page (similar)

Sadly, I don't have the rest of this week off from work, but I'm glad it's only a four day week – and that I have leftover latkes in my fridge! :)

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Happy Christmukah! We grew up similarly then - we did Christmas and Chanukah as well! It was always fun celebrating both. I love me some leftover latkes with eggs! Instant hashbrowns!! ;)

  2. Lovely photos! Happy Holidays!


  3. I knew a lot of Jewish girls were excited for this print! I'm glad you were too. Also your Menorah brooch is beyond amazing!


  4. This is such a perfect Chanukah dress! When I first saw it, it didn't even occur to me but it is absolutely perfect.


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