Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sweet Summer

hell bunny summer dress

I have a tendency to feature dresses here on the blog as soon as I acquire them... but occasionally, there's one that slips through the cracks. This beautiful Hell Bunny dress has been sitting in my closet for about a year now – not because I don't love it, but because it feels too fancy to wear for a lot of occasions. I still haven't found the proper event to really show it off, but I decided that I don't need the "right time" to appreciate my clothes, and promptly put it on during a particularly hot day for a few minutes. Hell Bunny finally launched an online store on their own website (so now you can order directly through them!). Although this dress isn't currently available, they have tons of other cute things – and you can get 10% off your order when you head over to their site!

hell bunny vintage floral chiffon dress
floral dress hell bunny
hell bunny dress

I'm especially obsessed with the back drape detail – it's just so pretty and romantic. I think this dress would be perfect for a summer wedding (if only I had one to attend!). I actually owned another style of dress in this same fabric, but I found this style to be more flattering on me. This chiffon fabric is quite delicate, and this style seems to be a bit more resilient than the other I tried as well (which started to tear after one wear, unfortunately). This one fared much better, and I hope I can wear it for a longer period next time! Because of all of the lovely detailing on this dress, I opted for simple styling; I'd usually feature more pieces in a blog post, but I don't think it needs a whole lot more than this (maybe a cute clutch and a bracelet, at most)!

summer dress wedding vintage
Outfit Details
Hell Bunny Summer Dress: exact // similar
Heels: ModCloth

vintage chiffon dress

I'm eager for the weekend to arrive (it's official: I'm living for the weekends now), since it'll mean I'll finally be at my new place full-time (with internet, yay!), and I'll have a little free time for blogging. I have a feeling it's still going to be a while before I totally adjust to this new life I'm making for myself, which is okay – I just need to remember to be a little more patient than I usually am. I'm trying to handle everything with grace, but it's not always easy. I think the important part is that I'm trying, and I'm doing something kind of scary, and I hope other people are willing to be a little more patient with me, too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Having just moved house myself (I'm at day 5 of living at my new place), I think it's totally normal to feel like things are going to be difficult for a while and that's totally ok. And I really do think other people understand - anyone who's had a massive change like this in their lives will definitely get it!! Chin up and just do your best and everything will fall into place eventually. Or at least, that's what everyone keeps telling me anyway!! In other news, this HB dress totally passed me by, but maybe that's because I never saw the back details in the pictures, or I somehow completely missed that I did?! This is a seriously stunning dress and I love how you've worn it with a bun like that. Your always looks so nice up :) x

  2. This would TOTALLY be the perfect dress to attend a wedding! I am quite obsessed with that back detail, too. It's so gosh darn pretty!!

  3. I second Sara, that dress would be incredible for a wedding. It could be a bridesmaid's dress, what one wears as a guest, or even a nontraditional wedding dress itself. It's so ethereally sweet and gorgeous!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Suuuuch a lovely dress. It's beautiful and you are stunning in it.
    Remember to have patience with yourself also!
    Hoping you're having a great day.
    Much love,

  5. so graceful!! I looove this dress!

  6. Love the flowy fabric with the back drape of this dress! So pretty. And the colors and print are perfect for the cut and fabric. Thank you for the heads up about the Hell Bunny website!

  7. I totally hear ya on some dresses feeling "too fancy" I have some that suffer the same opinion. Chiffon will do that. But on a better note, this dress is marvelous! And this updo you have going on is fabulous!


  8. Oo, fancy!! I can see why you dallied to wear this, but isn't it just perfect for a sultry summer's day? You look wonderful x


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