Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites #137

Happy Friday! Man, am I glad it's nearly the weekend! I'll be spending my time putting some quasi-finishing touches on my apartment (and getting my kitty cat acclimated to her new surroundings!), and hopefully catching up on sleep. Without further ado, here are some fun + pretty things I've been loving lately...

These subtle Disney-themed dresses are adorable! (If you look closely, the prints are of Marie from the Aristocats and assorted princesses, respectively.)
hot topic disney

a   ||   b

I want to use these bow knobs everywhere.
anthropologie knobs

This introvert pink sailor dress is awesome.
lazy oaf introvert dress

I'm a little obsessed with these dish towels.
anthropologie dish towels
a    ||    b

This lunchbox is the cutest!
radio lunchbox

Gimme all the food-themed brooches + rings, please!
tatty devine
1     //     2

I might need this burger print dress...
dangerfield hamburger dress

...And this whipped cream purse. Because come ON.
betsey johnson whipped cream purse
I'm a sucker for t-strap heels, and these red ones are lovely!

red t-strap heels

I'm definitely drooling over the new yellow Jenny dress... must... resist...
pinup girl clothing jenny dress yellow

This print is so cute (and would look perfect in my dressing room)!
pastel print

This skirt is super pretty.
modcloth plaid skirt

Now that I have my own place, I can't stop coveting housewares! I love these cute little decor touches from Dot & Bo.
dot & bo

1   //   2   //   3

I may or may not already own this darling spoon rest.
cute spoon rest

This scalloped mint dress checks so many of my boxes.
mint scalloped dress

Finally, I think Thought Catalog is so click-bait-y... but I have to admit (with a slight twinge of embarrassment) that this piece really resonated with me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That yellow dress is so so pretty!!! I love your other picks as well!

    xx Chelsea

  2. Lovely picks as always! I love the dishtowels!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    Much love,

  3. There is a amazing I think Thought Catalog is so click-bait-y... but I have to admit with a slight twinge of embarrassment........

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  4. Oooohh, so very much stylish awesomeness! The whipped cream canister purse is just the coolest! :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. Love the colorway on that plaid skirt! <3


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