Monday, April 4, 2016


galaxy print skirt

Although I don't own many galaxy printed pieces, I think they're incredibly pretty – and that's especially true of this circle skirt from Les Choses Délicates! This Canadian-based e-shop specializes in classic silhouettes using modern fabrics and contemporary touches. The garments are handmade (and are 100% cotton), and because I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of supporting small businesses and fellow artists, I'm so thrilled I got a chance to work with Sarah, the designer and founder of Les Choses Délicates.

galaxy print
les choses delicates
star skirt

A bit about this awesome skirt: it's an extremely well-made piece (with pockets, yay!), and I love how this print is both distinctive and versatile. It could easily be worn with a fuller petticoat for a more dramatic look, but since it's a fairly lightweight fabric and holds its shape well, it looks great without one too. I believe Sarah may have changed the sizing for her skirts since I put in my order – each skirt is now custom-made according to your waist measurement, which is a great feature; comparatively, I used a size chart she provided and may have overestimated what size I'd need, as the size 10 is slightly too big without a belt. However, I've already gotten a lot of wear out of this skirt (I wore it out to dinner the other night with this top and loved the combination), so it's certainly not a very noticeable discrepancy – and I'd rather have some breathing/eating room! This print is currently sold out (it'll be back in stock soon!), but there are many other cute designs to choose from in her Etsy shop (and she does custom orders, too!).

constellation print skirt
pinup girl peasant top
galaxy print
Outfit Details
Space Dust Galaxy Skirt: c/o Les Choses Délicates
Black peasant top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Necklace: ModCloth  ||  Belt: from another dress
Flats: Jessica Simpson via Amazon

I guess I'm sort of a galaxy print convert now... what's your take on this popular print?
Have a wonderful start to your week!


  1. Love the galaxy print! This colour is nice because it can be paired with many things, I have seen some galaxy prints that I think are a little too colourful for my liking. I also really love the peasant top! I am going to need to try one of those one of these days.

  2. What a great print. Great outfit :)


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