Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites #128

Happy Friday, friends! I honestly hate April Fool's Day, so you'll be getting no pranks from me – just fun stuff! 
Here's some of what I've been loving this week:

These Nila Anthony novelty bags definitely get my seal of approval.
nila anthony bags
1   ||   2

This popsicle print dress from Unique Vintage is perfect for summer!
sourpuss popsicle dress unique vintage

These Tara Starlet dresses are so sweet.
tara starlet gingham dresses
a    ||    b

And these bathing beauty shoes from Miss L-Fire are amazing!
miss l-fire bathing beauty shoes
These Emily & Fin dresses are lovely.
emily & fin modcloth
a      ||      b

And this umbrella print skirt is so much fun!
umbrella skirt

These bowling shirts from Campbell Crafts are adorable!
campbell crafts bowling shirts

How gorgeous are these heels?
bettie page shoes

As a lover of all carbohydrates, I might need this pin set.
big bud press bread pin set hello holiday

Is it weird that I really love these ridiculous Care Bear heels?
iron fist care bear heels

I guess if you have to have a selfie stick... it should be a pink cat-shaped one with polka dots.
cat selfie stick

These retro bags from Collectif are just darling.
collectif bag

I love this seashell dress from Retrospec'd (and the fact that it could pass for real vintage)!
retrospec'd seashell dress

Aaaand I really want to read this.
golden girls book

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ohh! More bags from Collectif. I remember when they did those bags in plaid last season. It's great to see them coming out with more in more colorways! <3 So cute!

  2. Ha, that selfie stick is hilarious! There was a news article on our UK tv about this silly girl who set off by herself, without telling anyone, to climb Ben Nevis mountain (on which many have died by not taking the correct precautions and safety etc) in just jogging trousers and a selfie stick. She was found wandering around with early signs of hyperthermia.

  3. If you love The Golden Girls as much as I do you will LOVE the book!!! Mine came in last Friday and it's fulled with tons of wonderful information, photos, and commentary on episodes. It's becoming my bible, literally.


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