Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Bunny

pinup girl clothing kristina dress

Happy Easter! I don't post a lot on weekends anymore, but this outfit was just too perfect for the holiday! Corduroy doesn't exactly scream "spring," but I'd been looking for this older Pinup Girl Clothing dress forever (three cheers for eBay!), and it pairs so well with my delicious accessories: this amazing chocolate shop bag from Vendula London and my chocolate-scented(!) Easter Bunny brooch by Kate Gabrielle!

pink dress pinup couture
vendula london funky bags
pink retro dress pinup

I'm always a sucker for novelty accessories (especially ones that are food-themed), so when I received this incredible chocolatier purse from Vendula London unique bags, I jumped for joy. The attention to detail is absolutely exquisite (even the back is adorable!), and I can't think of a better bag for someone with such a highly-developed sweet tooth like mine. It's incredibly roomy, which makes it a surprisingly practical choice, and it also comes with a long, cross-body strap (which I chose not to use here). It's a truly special handbag, and it's one that I will treasure for a long time.

vendula london
vendula london chocolatiers grab bag

I nearly lost my candy-loving mind when I saw that Kate was making these resin bunny brooches. Talk about attention to detail – not only does the brown resin look exactly like chocolate, but Kate was also clever enough to make them scented (they smell just like those scented Valentines), and the brooch even comes with a cheeky "DO NOT EAT" warning sticker on the back! I think it tops off this outfit in the cutest yet subtlest way.

easter bunny brooch
kate gabrielle easter bunny brooch
easter outfit
Outfit Details
Pinup Girl Clothing Kristina Dress: eBay
Chocolatiers Grab Bag: c/o Vendula London
Easter bunny brooch: Kate Gabrielle
Shoes: ModCloth (similar)

novelty bag vendula

Although I'm Jewish, Easter is always a really fun holiday for me. I still get an Easter basket (thanks, Mama Bunny!), and my mom usually makes a nice family dinner. I think we're having my favorite sweet treat for breakfast, too – orange rolls! And as long as I see some Reese's eggs in my basket, I'll be a very happy girl. What are some of your favorite Easter treats?


  1. This is the perfect Easter outfit, you look beautiful! omg that brooch looks delicious, I can't believe it's NOT chocolate!! Happy Easter! I will be equally as happy if I get Reese's eggs too! haha

  2. Oh I really want one of these bags so much, they are amazing! :)

  3. This post was a total delight! I'm another Easter-loving Jew (well, half-Jew), so I totally get it. I'm totally obsessed with those Vendula London bags -- how do you like yours?

    This dress is super cute on you, and I'm glad you finally found it! Thanks for paying that good unicorn-finding luck forward and letting me know that Amy was selling the tomato Bernie <3!

  4. I am so considering splurging on that purse - I've been eyeing it for awhile now as my current purse has seen brighter days. It does look roomie, which I need as I carry my Kindle around everywhere I on top of my wallet, phone, keys, etc. It looks so adorable with your wannabe chocolate brooch and pink dress!!

  5. Fantastically pretty outfit! That shade of cerise is magical on you - and what a cuter than cute Vendula handbag. I adore their whimsical offerings big time, too.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Perfect outfit! I love the purse with that dress and that dress with the brooch! <3 So cute! My absolute favorite for Easter treats is Cadbury cream eggs! <3

  7. Holy crap a corduroy dress! And it's pink! I think it's perfect for Easter with the chocolaty accessories. That purse is adorable too.

    Jamie |

  8. Oh what a beautiful dress, perfect with your brooch and bag too! x

  9. Perfect shade of raspberry pink on you there, it looks wonderful! x

  10. Your outfit is just perfect for the holiday! I love your brooch and the fact are tiny chocolate bunnies on your purse!



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