Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites #57

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here are some of my favorite finds from this week:

I was so excited to see that Pinup Girl Clothing is now carrying these cropped cardigans!  As far as I can tell, they're the exact same make as ModCloth's Dream of the Crop line of cardigans, but PUG is carrying different colors!  (Trashy Diva carries them now, too.)  I've been searching everywhere for a light blue cropped cardigan, so I miiiight have to get that one.

a  //  b  //  c

Speaking of PUG, I'm not normally into tropical prints, but this dress of theirs is really pretty!

Love this tote from Forever 21!  She reminds me of Amy!
I wish this tank had been around back when I was in high school (and in a production of Grease):
THIS BAG.  Ahhhh!
This top is currently sold out (not surprisingly), but I still had to include it.  Looks like it's still available through the Petals and Peacocks website, though!
I may need to get this Friends travel mug as a gift for my mom!
Give me ALL the jellies, please!! ( 1  //  2 )
I adored this xojane article about one's outfits being subconsciously inspired by one's favorite movies (although in my case, the influence is sometimes intentional)!

This rose headband is so darling:
I love this kitchen (but can't find the original source, wahh)!
These might be the most amazing kitchen items I never knew I needed.  They're pot grips shaped like farfalle!!  So cute!!

Finally, I was glad I read this during this week.  I'm having a tough time letting go and moving on lately.  The Serenity Prayer is great in theory, but sometimes it's a little more daunting to actually put it into practice.  There are times when Thought Catalog has decent things.

Have a great weekend!
xox Sammi


  1. You definitely just made my " to buy" list grow. That bag!!! That Grease inspired shirt!!! AND that jelly purse...ok, I got one at Gabriel Bros for like $30, not knowing it was a 'knockoff' of some other expensive brand but oh well it's cute!

  2. I'm seriously in desperate need of all types of cardigans in my closet!


  3. I need a few cropped cardis in my life-how do I not have any of those yet? The colors are so great! I love the unique finds-those pot handles are so creative and cute. Also I definitely would love to cook in that kitchen everyday-the scallops are so darling.

  4. god those cropped cardigans look like such a DREAM with high waist jeans- you're tempting me really hard with those ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Great style! So amazing outfit!


  6. I love these posts so much Sammi!!

  7. I love far too many things from this list! I love the tropical dress to bits!


  8. AH! I LOVE your Friday faves, I feel like you are my personal shopper! So, Thanks!

  9. I always love your Friday Favorites posts. I am just so excited by those cardigans! I have one of those Modcloth cardigans that I got on sale, but I can never bring myself to spend $30 on such a tiny piece of fabric. I am so excited by the PUG colors and the price though! Thanks for sharing <3


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