Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cake pop

Outfit Details
Dress: swap from Elana
Petticoat: similar here
Hair bow: Juicy Bows
Belt: from another dress
Cake ring: Le Petite Bonbon
BAIT Footwear spectators: ModCloth

This is not how I was initially thinking of styling this dress!  This little number of Elana's is so pretty (I especially love the polka dot panel on the top), and I had originally thought of taking a much simpler route with this dress.  But then it arrived at my house and all I kept thinking was how cute it would look with pink!  I'm still a little on the fence with some of the elements I had to use (I'd have preferred to have one uniform shade of light pink, instead of about 3 slightly different ones, plus I'd have preferred a plainer belt), but I think the idea of it is really fun.  It reminds me of a small sample of a birthday party -- hence the post title!   You can see how Elana styled this dress here.


Fun fact: this petticoat was actually something I used in the production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch I was in (and produced and costumed) a couple of years ago.  It's technically a much larger size than I'd normally need, but since it's a cheap, elastic-waist, Leg Avenue-type of crinoline, you can't even tell!  I also did a little doctoring of my hair bow; it was originally intended to be worn as a headband, and was attached to a strip of black elastic, so that the bow would sit straight up or to the side on one's head.  It's a large bow and looked a little too cartoon-ish for my taste, so I decided to get rid of the elastic and attach it with bobby pins, instead.  I may eventually put an alligator clip on it, but the pins worked in a pinch!  Moral of the story: elastic is a very versatile item.


Have a great Thursday!
xox Sammi 


  1. You look so pretty! I love the polka dots at the top of the dress and that ring is seriously adorable!!!


  2. How cute! I love that you wore it with the pops of pink from the petticoat and the belt!

  3. Really sooo nice.

  4. I used to wear lolita style clothing, and everything about this just screams sweet/casual lolita to me. It's funny how much I'm seeing that influence these days - I actually just saw an article in New York Magazine about lolita in NYC.
    This is really cute on you. I don't usually love a really visible petticoat, but in this case it works so well, like it's part of the dress. And all of the different shades of pink together look great. They don't exactly match, but they coordinate nicely, so it's not too busy or jarring.

  5. This dress is darling! I especially like the yoke! And that ring!!! Oh my goodness! It's too cute!


  6. You look too cute! Love this outfit paired with the pink petticoat. I also love the way your hair is styled!

  7. Gaaaah. You are the cutest ever! I can just hear my mom saying, "Oh, this is so sweet. Anna why don't you wear things like this." Haha. I'm such a disappointment. >_< The frilly tulle peaking from the hem is so adorable and that ring is cuteness overload. ^_^

    - Anna

  8. Absolutely adore this outfit! I can't wait to add a few good crinolines to my closet!

  9. This outfit is AMAZING! I have two petticoats but I never remember to use them. Trying to start this summer, though! :)

  10. This is the poofiest, most darling cupcake of an outfit! I especially love how different it looks from Elana's styling. I mean, I like her styling too, but it is so fun to see two such different takes on a piece.

  11. you look like an absolute doll! Your ring kills me! I love it!

    love, polly

  12. So so cute! I love the pink crinoline and that big bow. & I love how feminine this whole look is.