Saturday, May 10, 2014

Telephone hour

Outfit Details:
Call of the Winsome Skirt: ModCloth
Blouse: Forever 21 (similar here & here)
Betsey Johnson Collect Calls Bag: gift from Mom
Bass x Rachel Antonoff Oxfords: Nasty Gal
Quote Me Ring: ModCloth
Frilly socks: similar here
Belt: from another dress
Petticoat: eBay

I've been waiting forever to wear this skirt on my blog!  I have another version of this skirt with cat embroidery (see how I styled it here), but I knew when the telephone version arrived that I would have to have it.  A mint phone with a heart rotary dial and a little "bonjour" speech bubble??  I don't think I could dream up anything more perfect for me.  I have a slight obsession with rotary phones; not only do I have this skirt, but I also have a vintage telephone brooch (I decided it was a little *too* much to wear here) and my beloved Betsey Johnson telephone bag.  I didn't like the look of using the shoulder strap with this outfit, so I love that you can carry it by the little receiver!

I'm also super happy that I finally got a chance to wear my Rachel Antonoff oxfords with this outfit!  It's funny -- I tend to be very particular about types of items on which I'm willing to spend a significant amount of money.  I will usually spring for dresses, vintage or clothing items that are in some way unique or hard to come by.  I have a much harder time justifying spending a large amount on accessories (purses and jewelry) and shoes.  The most expensive shoes in my closet are probably my BAIT spectators (and I got two pairs of them on sale) and my one pair of heels from Miss L-Fire (which I actually have yet to wear because they are so stunning and fragile!).  I remember seeing these awesome shoes on ModCloth and Nasty Gal before, but they were originally way out of my price range.  They sold out on ModCloth fairly quickly, but when they went on sale for 50% off at Nasty Gal, they pretty much had the full range of sizes in stock, so I quickly snatched them up!  Sometimes I fall victim to buying items at full-price (I'm always afraid they'll sell out and won't ever be found again), but I guess it just goes to show that it sometimes pays to wait for a bargain!

I love how the embroidery looks like yearbook signatures!

My plans for this weekend include attending my cousin's Bat Mitzvah (boy, do I feel old...) and celebrating Mother's Day.  Mother's Day is going to be a little difficult for my mom this year, since her own mom just passed away, so I want to make it special.  I'm planning on making her breakfast in bed (which she knows, so this isn't blowing the surprise, hah), and we're going to with my dad's parents.  I'm a little peeved at Amazon, because I found the perfect present and pre-ordered it, and now the estimated availability date has passed, and now there isn't an estimated date at all!  I suppose I could always do that lame "print out a photo of the gift" thing, but I might just surprise her with it, whenever it arrives.  I really enjoy the process of finding just the right gift for people, and I hate when it doesn't go according to plan!

Have a super Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. That color is stunning on you! And I obviously love the purse.
    Amy `

  2. super:)) x

  3. Yes! I love how your outfits are always themed. So lovely! Also, I'm jealous about the bat mitzvah. Hopefully you'll get a sweet personalized trucker hat or caricature out of it.

  4. Can you stop being so perfect? Seriously, love everything here. You are just a doll! <3

    I love finding gifts for people too, but I totally dropped the ball this Mother's Day, eek! I hope your weekend is lovely.

  5. This is too darling for words, my dear!

    And I'm sure that just knowing the effort and love you are putting into the day will help, even if it is still hard.

  6. Those colors are amazing, the turquoise! I love that your purse matched the skirt. I'm in love with Betsey Johnson purses.

  7. So many cute things going on in this outfit! I just love that phone purse and how it matches your incredibly 50s skirt. Absolutely adorable!
    Hope you had a nice mother's day!

  8. gorgeous photography <3

    x Maria
    Have a look at my newest Outfitpost
    featuring the perfect high waist shorts and let me know what you think about it :)

  9. I seriously let out a squee of delight over this outfit! It is I think my favorite outfit ever from your blog! You're wearing my favorite color, turquoise, and a blouse with a little string type tie, which I'm a sucker for, novelty of course is another favorite theme of mine, and then rotary phone!!! Like you, I have a thing for them too. I used to collect them actually... Weird thing to collect, I know. I thought I was the coolest kid when I had one in my room during high school - none of my friends knew how to use it! Your ring is darling too!!


  10. I love that unique bag so much! And the phone details on your skirt are so adorable. Everything is so perfect together!


  11. Such a cute outfit! Love that skirt and those pretty shoes <3

    I am the same way with my purchases. I can spend more with clothing but accessories it's different. I wonder if it has to do with size? It's smaller pieces that are priced ridiculously high like $50-$100.... just seems like "I can get X amount of dresses with this instead!!" haha

    Wow! Sucks that the delivery didn't happen on time :(

  12. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! This whole outfit is unbelievably adorable, and I love the colors. I still need to get my hands on one of these skirts (I love your kitty one too hehe)!

  13. Ohhhh myyyy gooood, this whole outfit, Sammi!! That skirt and phone bag and shoes and top AH, this is incredible.

  14. Aww, you look so cute like this.
    I adores the Bonjour part hihi ;)
    'love from Paris,



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