Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Favorite Outfit: Elana from Room 334

Hi, everyone!  I really liked the idea of continuing this little "my favorite outfit" guest post series, so I have a couple more for you!  Today's post is from the darling Elana from Room 334!  I've loved getting to know Elana through Flock Together, and she has such a fun and pretty sense of style!  She's also an all-around awesome human being.  :)  Take a look at Elana's favorite outfits below:

Hello all! I'm Elana, and I blog over at Room 334 about polka dots, Peter Pan collars, and being a college student who would rather wake up early to put on a dress than roll into class in sweat pants. I'm actually a very recent grad (I graduated just this past Saturday), so I'm looking forward to seeing how my style evolves as I enter the dreaded "real world." I'm so happy that Sammi is having me today considering how much I adore her style and her as a person. Sammi and I blog over at Flock Together together, and it has been a joy getting to know her over the past year or so.

Of course, like most of the guest bloggers Sammi has had, I found it difficult to choose just one favorite outfit. "Is that even possible?" I wondered. Ever the indecisive girl that I am, I knew I had to choose a handful of my favorites and write about them instead. It's technically breaking the rules, but you can say I'm a bit of a rebel in that sense. And no, I don't get called a rebel very often. Why do you ask?

As you can probably tell, my style is pretty classic and very feminine. I love a good fit-and-flare cut and a cardigan. I'd love to say that my penchant for flats, oxfords, and boots is just because the college student life hardly allowed for heels, but it's really just because I'm clumsy. Flats and I are best friends, and we'll probably have a very long relationship together.

I could have easily replaced some of these outfits with other ones that I love just as much, but I felt this was a good representation of my style. I had so much fun going through old posts, and can't thank Sammi enough for having me today. Hopefully some of you will stop by my blog to say hello, see more girly dresses, and laugh at my bad jokes (because I sometimes think I'm clever). Hope to see you there!


  1. It is interesting to see all these together and see the overall sense of style.

  2. Elana, I love that you are wearing dresses in all of these. I'm a pants and shorts girl at heart but have been trying to stray away from that. My very favorite is your all black and white outfit with tights and boots. For some reason, that caught my eye immediately and I'm loving it. Maybe it's those killer lace up boots...
    Exploring My Style

  3. such a cute collage of your outfits! This is a fun idea for a series of posts. Elana has such a great, girly but still fun style!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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