Saturday, March 1, 2014

Snow queen

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth (similar)
Faux fur cape: Target (old)
Silver crown: Urban Outfitters
White tights: Target
White boots: eBay
Bracelet: old

I actually intended to use these photos for my 1-year blogiversary post in the middle of February, but I was really on the fence about them after taking them.  I wanted an excuse to wear this silly, cheap crown (and I thought a blogiversary would be the perfect occasion), but I just wasn't happy with the resulting photos.  I ended up liking them well enough though, so I decided to upload them in the midst of this arctic-like chill we're currently experiencing.  I had been hopeful that spring was just around the corner, but that was just wishful thinking.

I bought this dress during one of ModCloth's crazy 70% off sales (where nothing is refundable), which was a bit of a risk, but this dress was so pretty (and so cheap) that I couldn't resist.  The other dress I bought was kind of a bust (in an additional punny way, since the bodice is too small for my chest!), and I was afraid this one was going to meet a similar fate, but it's actually really pretty.  I'd like to be able to wear it for a holiday occasion next year, since it seems pretty appropriate for that.

Have a swell Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. Beautiful!! You look like snow white. c:


  2. I'm glad at least one of the dresses fit. Modcloth can be very hit or miss with fit for me, so I'm always on the fence about buying from them on sales like that...

  3. This dress is seriously gorgeous! I love the details on it, and you are totally a snow queen in these photos :)

  4. I understand about the cold weather, love. We had a 50-degree weekend last Saturday but all this week has been in the 20's and below. I thought we had turned a corner. :(

    on a a happy note -- you look adorable. That dress was worth the gamble! You look like a fashionable ice queen. ;)


  5. You're a gorgeous fairy tale princess in a winder wonderland come to life in this enchanting series of photos (and one with a marvelous grey faux fur wrap that I'm totally coveting! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I also bought a dress in the Modcloth 70% off sale this year, it's bit of a risk when it's non-refundable and I was sure the dress wasn't going to fit - another chest area drama and my broad shoulders. Luckily I found the zip before I got too stuck inside the dress :) #fail

    Such a cute fairy princess look :)

    ~ K

  7. AH! this crown is too! cute! I rather like it! 70% sale say whhhat?? that's awesome but scary! that's how I feel when I order stuff as it takes about 3 weeks to come and then I hold my breath when I try stuff on!

    the snow seriously works with this! I'm glad you posted these pics.
    Wore my new cupcake shower cap this evening! thought of you!...hey that strange? ahahha xxx

  8. haha yess I loooove pipe-cleaner crowns! You're rockin it.

  9. Oh my gosh! This outfit is so insanely cute! The cape and the crown are just perfect!


  10. Every dress you own I just adore! This is as sweet as ever Sammi. You are a dreamboat :-)

  11. That shrug is just perfect. Oh the anxiety of nonrefundable sale items..I'm glad at least one of them worked out. It's beautiful on you <3

  12. LOVE this outfit! And that you can actually take photos outdoors! We've had SUCH a cold winter, and we're going through another cold snap now. I'm not brave enough to go outside without my parka on. So envious of your outdoor photos!!

    xo Jana

  13. gorgeous! I love the shot of the crown at the last, too!! :D


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