Monday, March 3, 2014

It's a jungle out there

Outfit Details:
Dress: eBay (originally from ModCloth)
Chinese take-out purse: Animal Kingdom
Red belt: from another dress
Heart necklace: ASOS (old)
White flats: Yeswalker (old)

The last of the Florida photos (sob)!  I wore this outfit on our last night in Disney World, when we went to Epcot for hibachi and fireworks.  This dress actually blends in pretty well with the surroundings of our hotel (we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, though we actually didn't spend very much time there at all).  I treasure this dress because it's an older ModCloth design that I completely missed out on, and I had tried to win it via an eBay option once before and lost out at the last second.  I was really bummed about it, and intermittently checked eBay for a while afterwards to see if another would show up.  Luckily, one did, and I didn't have to win an auction to buy it!  It's a super-flattering dress, and I love that it has a layer of turquoise tulle underneath to give it some extra fluff.  Plus, I love the off-the-shoulder detailing, and I think the print is such a unique floral!  I nearly froze, even with my winter coat(!), but sacrifices must be made in the name of fashion!  ;)

I saw this adorable take-out container purse when we were at Animal Kingdom, and I simply couldn't pass it up!  It was $20 and not something I could find just anywhere, so I knew it needed to come home with me (though finding a spot in my suitcase did prove to be a bit of a challenge).  We also lucked out and saw tons of animals on the safari ride while we were there:

I'm just glad that I was able to "reclaim" Disney World for myself, and that it's no longer colored by my previous relationship -- or at least, not so much so that it would keep me from going or enjoying myself.  My trip with my mom was a whirlwind, and we both felt like we weren't able to just relax while there... but there's always next time!  I'd also love to stay at the Boardwalk resort, since that was definitely my favorite of the ones we visited; it's so retro and has great restaurants, and it's within walking distance to Epcot, which would be great.  I also feel like there wouldn't be as much pressure to see everything next time I go, but that's also because I hope there won't be as much time between visits!  It's just soo expensive... I don't know how people can afford to go there so often!

Have a magical Monday!
xox Sammi


  1. This outfit...the seriously suits you perfectly!!
    Gorgeous as always. c;
    I love that little take out tin too, hehe.

    You should come join my fashion link-up. c:
    I'd love to have you there!


  2. Oh, I love you in this, especially with that darling belt! And what an absolutely adorable purse. I've never actually had take-out in one of those boxes... our Chinese restaurant will allow you to do carry out, but it is just regular boxes for that.

    I'm glad you are feeling Disney is a place that is yours again. I've always been puzzled how people go there so often too. I know there are year memberships that make things cheapers but still! Well, at least we can live vicariously through them and their blogs if we aren't there ourselves.

  3. That dress is so colorful and perfect for Florida! I'm actually going to Epcot tomorrow and I can't wait! They have their Flower and Garden thing going on and I can't wait to see all the flowery exhibits of Disney characters! That purse is truly unique, and I had to come home with you. :)

  4. Soo nice dress.

  5. Gorgeous! Love that dress <3 Alex

  6. Wow, the print on that dress is amazing! So much different from the classical floral prints.

    I'm glad that you can now enjoy Disneyworld for yourself. That's the best enjoyment I think. Every time I go somewhere for the frist time I try to see everything, that's why it's always nice to go back :)
    ~ K

  7. I've always wondered how people can afford it so often too. I have friends in Orlando that go pretty much every weekend, while I've never been!

    Loved this outfit, feels perfect for Florida and has the most darling silhouette. And that purse! You have the greatest novelty purses <3

  8. This dress is perfection on you!! The shape is just amazing. This is one of my favourites dresses I've seen on you, so far. :)
    Love the pictures of the animals, too! I've never been to Disney World, but it sounds like fun, especially the Boardwalk resort!


  9. Aaah, Sammi! You have such a gorgeous figure and this dress is absolutely stunning on you. I especially love that candy red belt. :)

    I'm so glad that you were able to have fun in Disney and "reclaim" it for yourself, as you so perfectly put. You're an amazing lady and deserve to see things through your own eyes without someone else filtering your experience. :)

  10. I think you have the greatest collection of adorable and unique purses I've ever seen! That Chinese takeout box purse is amazing! Beautiful sunny tropical photos, I am jealous you got to go to Disney World :D

  11. going on your own with your mom must have been fun! You look beautiful!!!!
    love, polly :)

  12. Incredibly lovely outfit and photos! I adore that your continued to find the perfect moment of late afternoon sunlight to shoot in even on holidays. That kind of attention to detail never goes unnoticed with a fellow sunlight loving gal (and photographer/model) like me.

    ♥ Jessica

  13. This dress looks amazing on you and how fun is that bag!?! I've always wanted to go to Florida- I have visions of hanging out with flamingos :)


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