Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lemon pies and peach preserves

Outfit Details:
Harley Dress in Peach Sateen: Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan: ModCloth (green version here; similar style here)
White heels: jcpenney (similar here)
Yellow vintage hat: A Wild Tonic
Lemon pie ring: similar here
Petticoat: eBay

Today's post is another short one (and another one with less-than-desirable indoor lighting!  Apologies!).  My mom and I are in the midst of getting everything ready for our trip to Florida, so I scheduled posts quite a bit in advance in attempt to alleviate some stress.  I thought this outfit was rather Florida-esque, so I thought it would be good to post it in anticipation of our vacation!  I've had this dress for a while, but never quite liked how it looked on me.  There's some extra material in the bust (which is kind of rare, for me!), but I really like it with the cardigan over it.  The color of this dress is WAY more peach in real life than orange, but bad lighting strikes again.  I'm excited to wear this again when the weather's warmer.  It's such a springtime dress!  And any dress that comes with a matching belt is pretty ace.

I can't say enough how much I love this little veiled hat!  My friend Lauren runs A Wild Tonic, where I got this hat, and I'd been eyeing it for so long before buying it.  It's just so darling!  Lauren's shop is actually going to be closing for a while, so she's having a HUGE sale.  Everything in her shop is under $30 (with a ton of stuff for only $5 or $10!), and she has so many great vintage items for sale.  Head on over there and snap up an awesome deal before her shop closes!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. This whole outfit is perfection!! And it definitely is a very Florida-y outfit! So citrusy!!

  2. Sammi- This outfit is sooo lovely! I have been eyeing this dress on PUG for awhile now, but sadly they have yet to re-stock in my size. It looks so great on you! I love it paired with yellow accents. That's so exciting you're leaving for Disney so soon! :)

  3. UGH this perfect outfit makes me wish it were spring! It's absolutely lovely.

  4. I love the sherbet-y colors here Sammi! Definitely reminds me of Florida and warm weather - which I could use both of right now! That hat is such a darling little piece too. Also - your dresser! What a beaut! Best wishes getting ready for your trip :-) xo Marisa

  5. You have such an eye for color and creating those perfect old-timey looks. As always, I'm in love <3

  6. At first I was 'hmm interesting colour of dress' then after looking at all the pictures I like what you have done with it. The yellow really compliments the dress and draws some of the attention away from the colour (that's not an insult btw!! definitely not!). The shoes just round it off so perfectly. Something I wouldn't wear personally but that's what I love about other people's style, it's theirs and they rock it! and that you do!



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