Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rad in plaid: a remix

Outfit Details:
Plaid vintage dress: Exile Vintage 
(See how I originally wore it here!)
Black pinafore: eBay
The Best of Times Heel in Noir: ModCloth
Knee socks: ModCloth (old, similar here)
Fox purse: Target (old, similar here)
Boater hat: River Island (old)

I'm actually not sure whether this is a fox or a raccoon.  A foxcoon?  A rox?

This plaid number might look a little familiar to you, if you read my blog regularly!  When I was invited to join Flock Together (which, if you don't know, is a marvelous style collective of bloggers who showcase how they remix other members' pieces, as well as ones that are already in their own closets), I knew I had to challenge myself to start remixing items in my own wardrobe!  I think this practice is an excellent one, for a multitude of reasons; not only will my bank account be happier, but it's a great way to express creativity AND give new life to clothes that, under normal circumstances, may only be appropriate for one season.  And since upstate New York experiences the extremes of all four seasons, thinking about my clothes in less limited ways can only be a good thing!  

I have such a penchant for knee socks lately!  Whoops!

I think one of the simplest ways to remix a piece that has its limits (like a dress or a romper) is to layer it under a skirt -- or in this case, a pinafore!  I've had other posts where I've worn rompers under skirts or pinafores (see here, here and here), but it may be the first time I've worn a dress under a jumper like this one.  Since this dress is so short already (some readers commented that they thought it might have been cut or taken up, and I think they must be right!), it was really easy to layer it under something.

On an unrelated note, I am very grateful for kind, supportive people around me (this is always true, but is especially true as of late).  I may not always be deserving of such kindness, but I am truly thankful to have it right now.  I won't go into details, since I know there are those who have read my blog and have reported back (and frankly, I don't want to rehash the bullshit situation in question anyway), but please know that your sweet comments never fail to put a smile on my face, and knowing that there are people I've never even met who care about me... well, that's just a really wonderful thing, and a great comfort.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
xox Sammi


  1. I love the dress, is sexy and sweet!

    Kiss, Nati

  2. Plaid looks really well under a pinafore like that! A great remix, indeed.

    (and my vote is for Rox btw!)

  3. Oh cute, I love that plaid... and it looks so cute under your pinafore. The colors in that plaid are so autumnal. Green, orange, and burgundy, oh my! I still have yet to find a cute pinafore (or to even have time to find one--I'm so busy lately, ausuhfsdhf!Hhh!)

    I do hope your hump day is awesome, and that the rest of your week flows smoothly as butter down an icy driveway. What? That was an awful comparison. I'M LOSIN' IT, SAMMI M'DEAR.

  4. I loved that plaid dress on its own, but this looks just as beautiful! That pinafore is perfect for layering - I kinda of want to get one asap now. Your hat and fox bag are adorable!

  5. Love this remix! I love the colours peeking out from under the pinafore! And that purse is adorable. Also, your hair looks amazing! I'm forever jealous of dark, wavy hair :)

  6. OMG you in the last photo PERFECT. That fox sling... PERFECT!!! YOU IN GENERAL.... PERFECT!!!!! You're cute!!!!

  7. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the fox bag, because I have the same exact one LOL! Everyone knows me for my fox bag...he's a little beat up on the back but I'm too attached to change bags! Also I really love how you remixed the dress.

  8. you know, i wear gingham all the time and it's just made me forget about plaid but this looks so cute on you! i'm going to have to keep my eye out for a little plaid blouse myself.

    little henry lee


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