Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Outfit Details:
Gingham dress: Forever 21 (and Forever 21+ version here)
Necklace: Forever 21 (old)
Wicker purse: Chicwish
White flats: yeswalker
Charm bracelet: Mom's

Okay, I will admit it: this is not what I'm actually wearing today.  I took these photos last week when I had some downtime.  My truly patriotic outfit is reserved for our party on Saturday, so I will be taking photos of that and sharing them later.  This was the most patriotic outfit I had in the set of photos I took in advance.  So you will just have to wait for more Americana attire.

Also, these were a weird set of photos.  I really didn't like many of them at all.  Usually I have a problem with not being able to narrow down photos, but I had the opposite problem with these.  Which kind of makes me think I don't love this dress.  It's cute, but it's one of those dresses that I'm just not in love with.  Fine for casual, everyday wear.  But not for special things, I don't think.

I do love this charm bracelet, though!  It was my mom's, and before that I think (?) it may have originally belonged to my grandma.  The charms are hard to see, but they're so adorable.  One of them is a water well with a little handle! 

I think we're going downtown to see fireworks tonight and hear the RPO play, if the weather holds up! Not the most exciting 4th of July, but at least I'll be with my family.  :)

Have a wonderful holiday!
xox Sammi


  1. you look amazing, this dress is so beautiful, you look totally like pin up girl :)

  2. I was just eyeing that dress at F21 :) it's adorable on you!

  3. Is this the sweetest dress in THE WORLD?! Possibly. You look beautiful!

  4. Aw, I love this dress!!! I know that happens sometimes with my photos too- sometimes I think I like them when I look through them on the camera but when I get home they just don't "hit me" at all. But I think you look fabulous in this outfit- it looks like you're going on a cute picnic out in the woods, I love it! Happy 4th :)


  5. Great dress, and I love that charm bracelet!

  6. You look super cute with your hair in a ponytail, I'm loving it! These pics are gorgeous! But I know what you mean, sometimes I can't narrow it down and other times I can't pick enough to fill a post. Hope you had a fun 4th! Can't wait to see what you wore :)

  7. You look oh so lovely! That dress is so cute and I love your wicker bag! Your hair and makeup are perfect by the way.

  8. I love your dainty little charm bracelet- I wore a very similar one yesterday, actually! You look super cute in this dress!

    Xo, Hannah


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