Saturday, July 6, 2013

All aboard!

Outfit Details:
Trains Scoop Neck Dress: Cath Kidston (sold out)
Wide red belt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Kimchi Blue T-Strap Skimmers: Urban Outfitters (now half price!!)
Grandma readers: Urban Outfitters
JumpFromPaper Travel Fever bag (knock-off): AliExpress (try eBay or the original)
Watch ring: Mom's

First things first... the bag.  JumpFromPaper bags look really neat in person, but they photograph even better!  I really love this one.  I feel like a bad person because I've bought both of my JumpFromPaper(-esque) bags from eBay type sites - and I know neither is actually the real deal.  They're really similar to the real thing, but there are subtle differences with the decorative aspects (especially on the suitcase one).  Unfortunately, real JumpFromPaper bags are pretty pricy, and even though I want to support businesses like theirs, I'm also a selfish American who wants cool features at cheap prices.  So eBay and AliExpress (the latter of which you should use at your own risk - I had a fine experience, but many do not) won out in the end.

The print of this dress is so charming.  I feel like I need to be going on a trip whenever I wear it.

I feel like it's kind of okay for me to wear obviously-fake glasses because I actually do wear glasses/contacts.  Maybe not as tooly.  Maybe.

We're having a bunch of extended family over today for a belated July 4th celebration while my grandma is still in town.  Patriotic pictures will be forthcoming.

Have a wonderful Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. ohmygosh. the little boys in my preschool class would want to marry you (elect you president, vote you coolest grownup of all time, etc.) because of the fantastic print on that dress!

  2. Ooh those bags photograph so crazy. Can't stop looking at it! hahaha

    I've always wanted one but the price is just out of my budget. Can't believe I didn't think to look for one on Ebay...

  3. OMG that dress is gorgeous! Love it! I would want to wear it to a train museum or something :)

  4. love the pattern on your dress, it's so cute! and that handbag too, it's very fitting, haha. i've bought a few things from aliexpress before and you definitely have to be very savvy to shop on there. even when i've really been careful with who i've chosen to buy from i've still been sent the wrong thing, and getting a refund takes a really long time! i only ever buy really basic things from there because it's not worth spending too much money in case you're not happy with what you get.

    little henry lee

  5. That bag is so cute! I would totally buy the knockoff, especially if the original is really expensive. I love the print of your dress too, but that goes for every dress in your closet :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. That bag just send my mind into a whirlwind of confusion. It's so 2D and then you're so 3D... and it's so cooool...

    Also, is that a ring watch? WHATEVER YOU HAVE THE CUTEST ACCESSORIES. Those glasses are super cute, too, and I feel the same way about fake glasses--I will wear them with my contacts so it's like, ha, I really CAN'T see and it seems fair. Go us. ;)

  7. This bag is blowing my mind. I can't stop staring at it. I agree, those bags are crazy pricy, but so awesome and unique. A little sad there's a knock off. Also your dress is the BEST one yet. I love trains.

  8. I love this! That train dress is adorable and that bag is insanely cool. Sounds like you had a fun 4th!

  9. What a crazy-amazing bag. It looks unreal, but I know it is actually there with you.

  10. I'll never get over these bags! They're so much fun, and they seriously match your whimsical style! I completely feel you about being a selfish American and buying things cheap. I always feel about not supporting businesses (even though I try to most of the time), but sometimes I just can't help it. As usual, the print on this dress is awesome too!

  11. Sammi, my darling, you officially have the best printed dresses on the block. I'm coming to raid your closet.

    Love, Amy

  12. I had to do a double take on that bag, I couldn't tell if it was real! So cool, you must get a lot of looks with that one! Super adorable outfit too!

    xo Sarah

  13. That bag is a mind trip! And the glasses look so adorable on you! I'm looking for glasses that shape actually, I think it's cute :)

  14. Been meaning to comment on this for ages?!?! I thought I did! flippin eck this is EPIC! THAT BAG?!!? THERE are no words! it's playing tricks on my eyes and it photographs just like you said like a dream! it's FREAKIN AMAZING!! hee hee and naturally that Cath Kidston dress which sold out in store so quickly! cuteness on you! love the glasses love the theme! xxxx


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