Sunday, March 24, 2013

Arts & Crafts (an outfit post)

 Outfit Details:
Scenic Painting Umbrella Skirt: ROMWE (see other ones here, here and here!)
Black mock turtleneck: Target (a few years back)
Gray stockings: Borrowed from Mom's collection
Lady in Rad Boots in Ink: ModCloth

Isn't this skirt divine?  When I saw Kate from Scathingly Brilliant wearing it in an outfit post not too long ago, my mouth dropped open because the same skirt was hanging in my closet, waiting to be worn!  It's such a cool print, and the print seamlessly continues onto the back (it repeats, but does so flawlessly).  In retrospect, I wish I had paired a long necklace with this outfit for one extra thing, but alas.  Next time!

Last weekend, my mom and I went to this great co-op here in Rochester.  There are a ton of stores there, offering everything from antiques to homemade goods.  We had been there once before, and I had seen this set of four beautiful cafe chairs (they were each painted a different pastel color and the seats were covered in pastel plaid and gingham fabrics).  They were having a 20% off everything sale, and I had hoped these chairs (which I hadn't stopped thinking about since we saw them) were still there, as they would have been a wonderful addition to Steven's and my future apartment.  I was heartbroken to discover that the chairs were gone, and was kicking myself for not insisting we purchase them when we spotted them! I swear that next time I find some beautiful, reasonably-priced metal cafe chairs, I will be buying them on the spot and painting them myself.

Luckily, with over 200 stores at the co-op, there was at least one thing that caught my eye: a vintage wood purse with decoupaged wild mushrooms!  And it was only $7 with the 20% off sale!

I also liked this hat (which was also very inexpensive, especially when you compare it to of all the similar hats listed on Etsy), but the shape looked pretty silly on my head.  I'd like to be more of a hat-wearing girl, but I think my head is too large to look good in a majority of them.  I mostly just admire them on other people.  I can rock a fascinator with the best of them, though.

Although the location of this place is a bit out of the way for us, I'm eager to go back at some point soon.  I should have taken a pictures of the white and orange retro hutch and old fridge they had.  I also can't wait to pair the purse with an outfit... and I already have one in mind!!  :)

Have a nice, restful Sunday!

xox Sammi 


  1. hello sweety! i love here everything- your print clothes, accessories, layout & your smile! follow!

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
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  2. Wow, what a gorgeous skirt! And I absolutely adore that purse - that is an amazing find. Vintage stores have the best treasures :).

  3. interesting and amazing skirt (:

  4. You have the coolest printed skirts and dresses! Your hair looks really cute like that too.

  5. love your skirt! I've got one of the other ones from romwe.

  6. That skirt really is the best. I love all the printed clothing they have over at Romwe. And that purse is so cute! <3

  7. hey im now following you with gfc and bloglovin! :)
    please follow me back!

  8. That is such a cool skirt!

  9. Yet again you have more neat clothing, it looks great! I love all of that mid century furniture too.

  10. That's a stunning printed skirt, very pretty ;D So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me. If you fancy over-sized coats, then you've gotta check out my new textured over-sized Viktor & Rolf runway coat (got in on sale of course, phew! lol) accompanied with provoking color-block accessories. Tell me just how provoked you are! ;P

    xx The Provoker

  11. that skirt is rad!!! love it hun....and naturally your cats interaction!



  12. That skirt really is just a piece of art! Haha, you have the best printed items :D

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  13. aww very cute!

    check out my blog?/follow each other?

  14. I love the cute wooden box.

  15. so in love with that skirt babe! such a classic look with the black turtle neck!


  16. Totally like the print skirt, print clothes are very much trendy right.I don't like them just because of that but they make a unique piece of cloth in an outfit!!

  17. Great style!!!!!!!!!! I like your skirt!!!


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