Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Slap and Tickle

trashy diva slap and tickle

It's pretty rare that I come across a unicorn – but when I do, it's pretty extraordinary. Trashy Diva's "Slap and Tickle" print is among the most-coveted (at least, it always has been for me) and it's been tough to find a style from this collection that I like and that actually fits. This style initially had long sleeves, but I ended up taking it to my friend to have them removed. She did an outstanding job. Not only am I excited that I can now wear this dress throughout the year, but I love that I now have a piece that's totally one of a kind. 

trashy diva
slap and tickle dress
vendula london cinema bag
trashy diva dress

Such a special dress requires only the most special of accessories. This feather headband is the perfect match for the blush pink, and it's just the right amount of playful. And speaking of special and playful... nothing will EVER top this purse. I love so many Vendula London unique bags, but their "Cinema" range has got to be one of my favorites. Not only is this design totally adorable and convertible, but... IT LIGHTS UP! It's such a great piece for an unforgettable night out.

slap tickle rose dress
vendula london funky bags light up cinema
novelty print dress
Outfit Details
Slap and Tickle Dress (altered): second-hand
Cinema Light Up Movie Clacket Box Bag: c/o Vendula London
Feather headband: similar  ||  Opal necklace: similar  ||  Heels: similar

vendula london novelty bags
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. THE LIGHT UP BAG! Ahhhh this collection was SO cool! I thought of you when I saw it and died when I saw that it lit up LOL!

    How awesome that this dress is now totally unique to you - I would have never guessed that it had sleeves before if you never mentioned it! You've got a good friend on your side! ;)

  2. This outfit is darling!

    I used to have that print in a dress as well! But parted with it, because I simply can't stand side zippers!

    I have been SO tempted by that purse!! It's just so darn cute!



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