Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites #62

Happy Friday!  Even though this was a short week, I'm very relieved it's the weekend -- especially because I actually have a weekend off, which is very rare!  I have today, tomorrow AND Sunday off, so I'm definitely going to savor sleeping in, among other things!  Anyway, here are some of my favorite finds this week:

Even though it's still fairly humid here, I'm starting to get a little more excited over the prospect of cooler weather... especially when these gorgeous pastel coats from Hell Bunny exist!
I'm dying to go back to Disney World, and I know I'd need at least a couple of these adorable, retro Disney sweatshirts!  I'm obsessed with the Daisy Duck ones (and she was always my favorite)!
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Speaking of Disney, I sort of get a kick out of this tank:
I love the flamingo embroidery on this Coco Fennell dress:

I wasn't super blown-away by the Forever 21 + Barbie collaboration that came out yesterday, but I do adore these Barbie lipsticks - the shades are really perfect.

I need this sweet donut sweater!
And how darling is this sweet pea necklace?
These three green dresses are all on my wish list for this season.  I love the green plaid dress for fall, and the one on the right would be stunning for the holidays!  Oh, and the one in the middle has little embroidered planets on it.  They're all so great!
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I'm always a sucker for kitty merch, and this purse is no exception:

I think most people of my generation watched Little Rascals a lot... I, for one, was totally obsessed and I had a huuuuge crush on Alfalfa.  The cast reunited for the 20th anniversary of the movie for a fantastic & nostalgic photoshoot, and surprise!, Bug Hall (who played Alfalfa) is now incredibly attractive.  I was apparently a very prolific child.  See the full set here.
So swoon-worthy!
And finally... the most adorable otter in the world, eating at the kitchen table:

Have a great Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. Love the coats and overalls :) xxx
    You are welcome to visit my blog --
    Message me on insta --

  2. Alfalfa looks like the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith!)

  3. I love those winter coats! They make the idea of winter a little more bearable ;).


  4. You know, come to think of it, for a short week, this one felt incredibly long to me. It was one of "those weeks", as they say, so that's obviously why, but still - it feels like a month has passed already since Labour Day.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Those pastel coats are soooo adorable! Alfalfa was so cute.. haha He kinda reminds me of Doctor Who! lol

    Have fun with your weekend off :3

  6. Why is Hell Bunny always so amazing? AHH!


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