Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sky Blue Pink

Pinup Girl Clothing dress

If you're a regular follower of my blog, you know that my outfits are often thematic (and sometimes border on costume-y).  My ensembles are sometimes centered around a playful print or a kooky handbag, and then I build on those pieces to create a look that tickles my fancy.  There are times when I consciously and thoroughly plan an outfit around a specific item, and then there are other times where the pieces come together at the last second and make me ask myself, "why didn't I think of that before?!"  In either case, I love being able to be creative with what I wear, and I love drawing inspiration for my outfits from unexpected sources.  The surprising inspiration for today's outfit?  Furniture!

Bistro chairs
Image via Viesso
When the folks over at Viesso asked if I would be interested in doing a style collaboration, I was a little hesitant at first; I wasn't all that familiar with their company, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to tie in their modern furniture to my own aesthetic (and have it make sense).  But after perusing their website, I stumbled upon their outdoor furniture -- specifically, their colorful bistro tables and chairs.  For some reason, I'm always drawn to these types of pieces.  I guess I just love the romantic cafĂ© feel to them.  (I actually have a set of chairs and a table that are a little reminiscent of the ones on their site!)  The two items that really caught my eye were a hot pink round bistro table and a sky blue bistro chair.  This color combination seemed so girly, flirty and nostalgic.  Ever since I was little, my mom would point out specific summer sunsets that contained these colors, and would always describe them as "sky blue pink."  I think it was actually something that carried over from her own childhood.  But because summer is ending, I felt that using these pieces as an outfit inspiration would be a great way to bid (a reluctant) adieu to the season.  This color combo also immediately brought some of my favorite articles of clothing to mind:

Outfit inspiration
I knew their pink table would be a perfect match for this gorgeous Trashy Diva dress and pink flowered headband from Pinup Girl Clothing.  For the blue elements, I wanted to incorporate this darling purse (no longer available, sadly) and matching shoes by Kling, and the flowery pink and blue sunglasses from Topshop were just the icing on this summery cake.


But to recreate this outfit in real life, I had to get a little more creative.  I don't own any of these pieces, so I rummaged through my wardrobe to find items that would work.  The style and color of this coral dress from Pinup Girl Clothing are very similar to the Trashy Diva dress I chose, and although I could have gone with a flower crown, I opted instead for a light blue vintage pillbox -- not only for the style, but to bring in the color as well.  Unfortunately, I didn't have shoes to match, but I improvised with my off-white vintage Mary Janes (in retrospect, they remind me of clouds!).  I also brought in the floral elements with this bracelet; it's actually supposed to be used as a decoration for a hair bun, but I think it looks darling this way!  I don't think I would have necessarily put these pieces together on my own, so it's refreshing when a challenge like this allows you to look at things in a different light and wear them in new ways!

Pinup Girl Clothing dress
Rose bracelet
Blue pillbox
Pinup Girl peach dress
Outfit Details
Hat and shoes: vintage
Flower garland: River Island (similar)

Many thanks to Viesso for allowing me to explore a whole new avenue of outfit inspiration!  
I hope you have a great Thursday!
xox Sammi


  1. Gorgeous! I love the pink on you, and those shoes are so perfect. :)

  2. Sooo nice. Wow..

  3. This is just so cute together! I really love the color of that dress ♥ It would be pretty awesome to own some bright colored furniture :D

  4. What an adorable dress! :)


  5. I'm sorry, but you've absolutely failed to make me think about patio furniture. You might consider putting a large umbrella down the back of your dress next time just to drive the point home. #foodforthought
    I hope it's clear that I was was kidding. That dress is really cute, and I think it's great that you found a way to bring your signature look together with such an unusual source of inspiration. I like the little pillbox as well, I'm a total sucker for that style of hat.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! That hat and dress and flower garland work together perfectly. <3

  7. Such a cute idea to get inspiration from a source like that! I love pink and blue together so I'm feeling this outfit. This dress is gorgeous and you look amazing in it!

    Jamie |

  8. A gorgeous dress and color on you.

  9. Gloriously beautiful dress! That warm, rich shade of coral-pink looks show-stoppingly awesome on you, dear gal.

    Have a stellar weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. What a fun style challenge! You look beautiful and I adore that color on you <3

  11. That dress is such a beautiful colour and I think I actually much prefer it paired with cream accessories than blue - so classy. As ever, gorgeous outfit and you look great.


  12. sooo gorgeous!! :)

    love, polly

  13. I love this outfit! That dress is to die for and you look beautiful! I get outfit inspiration in the weirdest places sometimes too.


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