Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fairgrounds & Flowers: Bloggers at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Hell Bunny carnival dress
Lily pad
Pink rose
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I've finally gotten around to posting photos from my New York trip!  I met up with Kristina and Midge on two separate days; we went to McCarren Park in Brooklyn for a picnic on Saturday, and then we headed to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on Sunday.  It was really nice to hang out with them and be in nature (especially in a city where green space is a precious commodity), and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other.  I didn't take any photos on Saturday, but have plenty from our botanical garden adventure!

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Botanical gardens
Photo credit: Midge
I was cursing myself for not bringing along a floral print dress for this trip.  As a group, we had initially talked about heading to Coney Island later that day, which is why I brought this carnival print dress with me.  However, it was collectively decided that it was simply too long a schlep, so we instead had a delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant Kristina recommended.  I'm still really undecided about what I want to do, as far as whether or not I want to move back to the New York area, but it's comforting to know that if I do decide to move, I'll have some friends waiting for me.  And I'm sure I'll make it to Coney Island someday.  :)

Blue flowers
Blue hair
Hell Bunny dress
Photo credit: Midge
Even though nothing on my trip really went according to plan (i.e., we were a much smaller group than we'd anticipated, I got super-lost on my way to the park on Saturday, etc.), we still managed to have a great time together, and I'm glad that I decided to go.  Many thanks to Midge and Kristina for snapping pictures of me (and dealing with my ignorance when it comes to photography) -- and for being as lovely in real life as you are on the internet!  :)

Girl in garden
Outfit Details
Hell Bunny dress: Amazon
Flats: DSW
Sunglasses: old

Have a sensational Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. Sounds like the trip was good for meeting up with "new/old" friends (how else to describe these people we know through the internet only?!) and for looking at possibilities. Let me just say too- you are absolutely STUNNING in this outfit.

  2. The trip sounds like it was so much fun! You look amazing by the way! I love that Hell Bunny dress on you!!


  3. You guys all look so fantastic! & The gardens looks absolutely gorgeous too.

  4. I much admire you for making the effort to meet other bloggers in real life! I feel much too shy for that - and the thought of anyone I don't know very well taking my photo scares me! I've also admired this Hell Bunny dress for a while and it looks great on you. Such a great neckline, before you even get to the print :) CC x

  5. So glad to see your meet ups! I hope we can meet one day ! :)

    love, polly

  6. ah, i'm in brooklyn at the moment! i haven't made it to the botanical gardens yet but i did get to mccarran park one sunday afternoon. that's nice to know you have friends in the area if you do decide to move, that always makes things easier.

    little henry lee

  7. LOVE this dress! Looks like you've had a lovely trip, must be weird but also very cool to meet other bloggers in real life :)

  8. Like always so nice and cute pattern. xa

  9. you look so pretty! great blog!
    following you hun<3

  10. Nice:) x

  11. Sammi, these photos are unbelievably gorgeous! What a beautiful dress, and I love the picture of the 3 of you :) The garden you both traipsed around looks magical, what a beautiful day you had for it, too! Thanks also for your comment on my last post :0) I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend, you deserve it!!! :) xo


  12. So may pretty flowers, and I love all of your outfits! Blogger meetups are so much fun. I really want to get together with my fellow Washington bloggers someday, but it might be hard to orchestrate right now.

  13. Great pics! And your hair always looks lovely! I've been contemplating shaping my bangs in more of a U-shape kind of like you have them, instead of my regular straight-across bangs. I'm not sure I could pull it off, but maybe...

  14. I'm so jealous you all got to hang out!!! You all look lovely, though, as usual!

  15. What a fantastically lovely, relaxing spot for a great blogger meetup. You ladies all look as gorgeous as the blooms you were surrounded by.

    ♥ Jessica

  16. Gorgeous photos! I much prefer seeing them through your photos, given that being there in person would almost guarantee a day of allergies for me. :)

    I now want an artichoke. Haha. Power of suggestion.


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