Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flowers and fields

Outfit Details:
Vintage dress: Sam and Milly Vintage
Boater hat: River Island
Kimchi Blue flats: Urban Outfitters
Squirrel ring: Forever 21

I've worn this dress once before on my blog, very early on, when I was still taking photos inside.  I wore it for a Mad Men-themed theatre gala (you can see how I wore it here), and it's been sitting in my closet since then.  It's such a pretty dress, and it fits me very well, so I felt it was high time to style it differently and take it out for another spin.

Isn't this little ring adorable?!

I'm going to spend the day doing things that make me happy.  In an ideal world, that would be the plan every day, but since we don't live in an ideal world, I'll grab happiness wherever I can.

Hope your day is happy, too!
xox Sammi


  1. Beautiful pictures. You looking fabulous as usual :)

  2. So glad you took it for another spin! it look fabulous with the boater hat and that squirrel ring!! too too cute! it's all about doing things that make you happy. blogging, baking, sewing, eating, sleeping, listening to show tunes, writing letters xxx

  3. You always have the most whimsical and beautiful dresses! This one is no exception. I adore fun shirt-dresses like this one. The colors are absolutely beautiful and it definitely fits you like a dream. I'm glad you took it out for another spin, it deserves it!

  4. Ooh, this dress IS very early seasons of Man Men! It's gorgeous and it fits you like a glove. You definitely needed to take it out for another spin. Also, that ring. TOO cute, just like everything you own :)

  5. Sometimes I feel like even though I wore something a year ago on my blog, I wore it just the other day... and vice versa. Does that make sense? Like, even if I wore it a month ago, wearing it again on the blog is all, "Shoot, didn't I just have this on about 4 posts ago?" hahaha. Silly, silly.

    The collar on your dress is so CUTE! And I love the soft pastel-y pattern, too. Also your hat is adorable. All things about this outfit are adorable.

    Like you. :D

    I hope your day was full of happy things, whether big or small. <3

  6. You look so summery and carefree in a boater hat!

  7. You are adorable! I love the dress and how you restyled it. It is nice to take a break from the crazy every day and focus on you every now and then :]

  8. That shirtwaist dress is beautiful and so very Betty Draper, perfect choice for your Mad Men gala! Shirtwaist dresses are probably my favorite type of dresses ever, perfect for any occasion :D Hehe there is nothing wrong with wearing the same dress twice on the blog, it is only normal that we have our favorites that we want to wear over and over :)

  9. such a gorgeous dress! i love the colours and i have a thing for button up shirt dresses exactly like that. you look so lovely.

    little henry lee

  10. Oh i just love all the dresses you wear! Your wardrobe is so enviable! <3 You look absolutely darling in this dress.


  11. Aww you look like a doll, and the background is amazing!
    Also I love the way you always smile, it makes me happy every time I come to your blog!
    Have a nice day honey!

    (¯`·._.·Nymphashion FB·._.·´¯)

  12. Great photos, you look adorable! Beautifully done.

    blue hue wonderland


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