sou·brette  n.

  1. a.  A saucy, coquettish, intriguing maidservant in comedies or comic opera.
    b.  An actress or a singer taking such a part.
  2. A young woman regarded as flirtatious or frivolous.

This is my favorite set of definitions for the word "soubrette." Technically, the term also refers to "a soprano who sings supporting roles in comic opera," though I am certainly not an opera singer (and I'm not really a soprano, either). But since I am a singer and an actress by trade (and a compulsive shopper by habit -- a pastime some would consider frivolous), I felt these definitions of the word were so fitting that I couldn't resist using it for my blog title.  Plus, who doesn't love a good rhyme?

I am a lover of all things retro, kitschy and girly.  I pull my style inspiration from period dramas, rockabilly culture, Japanese street fashion, 1950's housewives, and (of course) my experience in the theatre. I tend to gravitate towards things that are a little too twee and costume-y for some, but as the daughter of two performers who has spent the majority of her life in a spotlight of some kind, this couldn't really be helped.

By day, I work as a content writer for a company that specializes in online marketing solutions. When I'm not working, blogging, or performing, I can usually be found snuggling up with my boyfriend or my cat, Pumpkin.

Thank you for taking a peek at my blog! I do hope you stay a while!

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