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Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas For 2021

virtual valentine's day ideas

We all know that holidays look a lot different during the pandemic. And pretty soon, we'll be hitting that one-year mark...which is bananas to think about. Valentine's Day 2020 was actually the last major holiday most of us experienced B.C. (before COVID-19), which means you might be a little bummed about your limited options for Valentine's Day 2021. 

But that doesn't mean your V-Day has to be boring. I'm a total introvert and homebody, so I may be biased, but I really enjoy coming up with creative ways to celebrate without ever leaving the house! Whether you're wondering how singles celebrate Valentine's Day during the pandemic or you're separated from your sweetie this February 14, I'm sharing some virtual Valentine's Day ideas that you're sure to love.

valentine's day pandemic

Host a Galentine's Zoom Brunch
A Galentine's brunch invite is always exciting to receive. But while many eateries are open in some capacity, you may not feel comfortable gathering with your girls without masks and in close quarters. Fortunately, you can still enjoy some bottomless mimosas and waffles from afar. Set up a Zoom call for mid-morning on the 13th (a Saturday this year!) and make your favorite brunch food – or order from your favorite breakfast spot! – to savor with your besties. Plus, you can wear cute pajamas if you want.

Organize a Hulu Rom-Com Watch Party
Grab some popcorn, open your laptop, and revisit some of your favorite flicks with your BFFs. Hulu's Watch Party feature has thousands of TV shows and movies to watch with a group of up to eight people in sync. While it might not be a substitute for watching in the theatre, you can chat as much as you want without disturbing anyone. Some of the best movies for Galentine's Day are available to select. Just test it out beforehand to account for any technical issues – and have some chocolate (or some tissues) on-hand for emergencies.  

virtual valentine's day celebrations

Have BFF FaceTime Date
As simple as it may sound, it's easy to forget how effective FaceTime calls are at lifting one's mood. Schedule an hour-long FaceTime date with your best friend, partner, or family member while you perform a fun activity – like an at-home spa treatment, baking session, or Valentine outfit fashion show. You can even play a "how well do you know me?" game if you each get a set!

Sign Up For a Virtual Reading
Want to know what your future holds? Consider signing up for a virtual tarot, palm, or astrological chart reading! This can be a great way to support independent readers and astrologers during a time when in-person readings are difficult to manage. And of course, it can be exciting to see what the stars or the cards have in store. See about signing up with a friend or partner and treat yourselves to a session! Make sure you know your exact birth time if you're having your astrological chart done.

Take an Online Class
If you're stumped on virtual Valentine's Day 2021 ideas, you could always learn something new! There are plenty of online courses with valentine themes being offered this year, from cooking to crafts. The Rochester Brainery even has an entire section of virtual classes for Valentine's Day, like soap-making, quilting, embroidery, cookie decorating, and chocolate-tasting. Most classes are quite affordable and can allow you to connect with others in an unexpected way.

sending out valentine cards

Partake in a Virtual Shopping Event
A shopping spree can be the perfect cure for the Valentine's Day blues, but you might prefer to avoid the mall and crowded retail centers right now. Of course, online shopping is always there when you need it. But I recently saw on Instagram that a bunch of local vendors are teaming up to host a Virtual Valentine's Bazaar this Saturday (January 30). They'll be offering exclusive sales, which means you can save and snag some awesome products from independent artists. Even if you're not local, check out all of the details in this post or follow the #VirtualValentinesBazaar hashtag on Instagram to get in on the action!

Send Out Gifts or Old-School Valentines
Sometimes, going back to basics is best. But if you aren't exchanging gifts with a partner, you can show how much you care for your loved ones by sending them something special. I love the idea of ordering a custom bouquet or even a flower CSA from a local florist. If you're in Rochester, I highly recommend Sungrove Blossoms, Trademarks Flower Farm, and Flowerwell (or if you're in the Los Angeles area, check out Starving Artist Arrangements!). You could also bake some homemade cookies and deliver them to your local friends on Valentine's Day – or, my personal favorite, send out some old-school valentine cards! I adore these vintage-inspired card set from Harveys, but here are some other retro valentine cards that should arrive in time for you to send out. Alternatively, you could send paperless valentines straight to your recipient's email!

Try Your Hand at Online Trivia
Those who miss trivia nights at their favorite bar might want to consider virtual trivia as a viable alternative! You might have some local organizations who are putting on online trivia events, but you can also browse available options on Eventbrite. Some are free, while others require a registration fee. I can't personally vouch for any of these events, there are all kinds of themes – like The Office, Parks and Recreation, '90s trivia, and love – to choose from. You could even put together and host your own if you want to raise money for a worthy cause! Be sure to order yourself some takeout, grab your favorite beverage, and get ready to rack your brain.

vintage valentine cards

What are your plans for Valentine's Day 2021? Would you try any of these ideas?

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  1. Sammi, great ideas. People need creativity to keep the romance going all year long. My God, are we going to a year of isolation?
    Congratulations on your beautiful blog. I'm already following you. You will be welcome to my blog. Just don't forget to use the google translator.


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