Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love Is All Around

pinup girl clothing pink harlequin dress

Happy Valentine's Day! It's supposed to be a sunny, slightly warmer day today and I'm excited to be taking some time for myself. I'm working only a few hours today (one of the perks of having a flexible, full-time job) and am going to spend some time outside. I'm not doing anything super romantic tonight or anything -- I'm just planning on hanging out with my boyfriend and taking his niece to her dance class -- but that's alright by me. I'm supposedly going to be doing something more Valentine-y this weekend instead. I'm not usually a big fan of surprises, but I definitely could use some time away from stress... so I'm kind of up for anything.

pink valentine dress
pinup girl clothing gena dress
pink harlequin

Is it possible to have too many pink, lovey-dovey outfits in one's closet? And is it wrong that you'd still want more if given the opportunity? I think I may have too many dresses I can wear for this holiday. I actually don't even know what to wear today (or this weekend). I definitely need to do another closet clean-out in the near future... if for nothing else than to afford all of the amazing spring dresses that are on my wish list.

pinup girl clothing dress
Outfit Details
Gena Dress in Pink Harlequin: Pinup Girl Clothing
Hair flower: similar  ||  Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

valentine dress

The winner of my 5-year blogiversary giveaway has been chosen, just in time for Valentine's Day! Congratulations to Maren and thanks so much to everyone who entered! 

Have a sweet holiday!

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