Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Siamese (If You Please)

siamese cat dress

Like many women, I'm in love with those vintage Lady and the Tramp skirts... but since they sell for $700+, I've resigned myself to the fact I'll never get my hands on one. There's another one inspired by the movie that's referred to as the "Si & Am" print, though the cats on it don't really look like the Siamese cats in the film. This Vintage Inspired By Jackie dress, however, looks exactly like those bad kitties!

cat print dress
disney cat dress
lady and the tramp dress

After playing a cat in my last show, I'm really glad to have some free time back. As much as I love doing children's theatre (and believe me, interacting with kids was a blessing during this emotionally trying time), I've learned that I don't do well when I don't have ample time to recharge. When I was younger, I wasn't working full-time and would do as many shows as possible in order to stay physically active and creative. But now that I work 40 hours a week at a job that's both demanding and creative, I need downtime to prevent burnout. Suffice it to say, although I enjoyed being a cat for a bit, I'm glad that now I can just wear dresses with cats on them instead. :)

siamese cat disney dress

While Jackie made this print into a dress for me, it can also be ordered as a skirt (in several different colors!). Just send her a message – she can make you almost anything! Although I wear skirts a lot more now, I do like a lot of the details of this design. It's made of 100% cotton and keeps its shape without the use of a voluminous petticoat. Personally, I wish the fabric were a bit softer to the touch, but it's not something I notice much when wearing it. Since it's a relatively new design, I made a couple of suggestions to Jackie about fit for the future, which she was gracious enough to implement. One thing to note: this fabric has no stretch whatsoever, so I'd strongly recommend making sure you have ample room to breathe. If in doubt, give yourself at least an extra 1/2 inch. I'll be debuting another design Jackie made for me very soon, and I can't wait to style it.

cat dress
Outfit Details
Cat border print dress: c/o Vintage Inspired By Jackie
Cropped cardigan: available at Trashy Diva
Black flats: similar

The Soubrette Brunette: Siamese (If You Please)

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  1. So I TOTALLY hear you on the need for time to re-charge creatively. I used to write when I was younger up until college. I'm talking NOVELS! Ever since I left school and started working - my writing stopped. I just didn't feel like sitting in front of another computer after doing it all day. That and because my focus had shifted, I could no longer really think of ideas, etc. It's one reason why I started my blog! I wanted a creative outlet where I could write as well as photograph, etc, that wasn't going to be as crazy as writing a book.

    THAT aside, I love this dress! I kept seeing little sneak peeks of it on your insta when you posted about your production and couldn't wait to see more! It's so cute with the paw prints dancing all about. Adorable!!

  2. So darling! Also, one of my students was totally obsessed with Bad Kitty and probably would've thought he'd died and gone to heaven to see you all perform it :)

  3. I totally feel you on the tragedy that is the cost of both styles of Lady and the Tramp skirts. But this one that is inspired by those designs is just perfect!



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