Friday, January 27, 2017

Twinning in Dita

dita von teese cardigan wheels & dollbaby

This week has been a bit crazy, but I'm excited to share this post because it gave me the chance to twin with my bestie! I keep my circle of close friends pretty small for a reason, but living on the other side of the country from your best friend can be really hard sometimes. Luckily, Ashley and I talk almost constantly, so even though she's on the opposite coast, I always know she's there for me. (I just wish it were in person!) We end up twinning all the time, as we own a lot of the same clothes, but when we both got this Wheels & Dollbaby lavender Dita Von Teese cardigan, I knew we needed to do a post together. We haven't done one of these coordinating posts in a long time – it was definitely overdue!

lavender dita von teese cardigan
wheels & dollbaby dita cardigan
lilac dita von teese cardigan
dita von teese wheels & dollbaby
dita cardigan

It's not often that I really splurge on something like a sweater. I'll drop a pretty penny on a dress, but I tend to be a bit of a spendthrift when it comes to separates. But lavender is my favorite color, and I couldn't stop thinking about this cardigan for weeks. So I finally bit the bullet and am now the proud owner of an infamous Dita cardigan. This color is no longer available at Wheels & Dollbaby, but they did just release the newest Dita cardigan in a luxe silver hue. I don't know if I'd buy others (not at full price, at least – I can't afford that kind of habit!), but I will say that this is absolutely one of the most beautiful cardigans you could ever imagine. It's incredibly well-made and soft, and the details are divine. It feels truly special and it's certainly not a purchase I regret. And of course, now my bestie and I can match! You can find all of Ashley's outfit details over on Southern (California) Belle! I love how she styled it (and hot damn, that girl looks good in pants). Even though we're separated by hundreds of miles, being able to do posts like this makes me feel even closer to her.

wheels dollbaby dita cardigan
dita von teese
Outfit Details
Dita Von Teese Cardigan: Wheels & Dollbaby
Black Lola Skirt: c/o Hearts and Found
Heels: ModCloth (similar)

lavender dita cardigan wheels & dollbaby

It's my first full weekend off in a while, and I'm so excited. I plan on sleeping in (finally!), getting a massage (yay!), getting a new phone (double yay!), catching up on blogging (something exciting is coming next week!), and having brunch with some of the girls from work (yum!). As much as I love performing, I'm realizing how much I need time to recharge and have real downtime. Isn't it funny how we used to hate being bored as kids, but doing nothing is such a privilege as adults? 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOVE this outfit :)

    Rachael xx.

  2. Yay! Enjoy your weekend of bliss! A massage sounds so good right now!!

    Love seeing you two beautiful gals twinning! You both look fantastic!

  3. A lovely cardigan and it is interesting to see how two different people style the same item of clothing.

    We never see you in pants but no doubt you look good in them as well

  4. I love your cute twin outfit, this is a really cool idea!


  5. Both of you look amazing with these twin outfits! You're botch rocking that cardigan!
    x Angela //

  6. I love this outfit! I know exactly what you mean, it's so hard to have a best friend live so far away.


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