Monday, December 5, 2016

Backseat Baby

sourpuss clothing purse

After being sick for the last week, I'm starting to feel like myself again. It's good timing because I've just started rehearsals for a new show – and I'm also itching to take holiday outfit photos. This outfit might seem a bit more appropriate for Halloween than for Christmas, but as someone who loves spooks & sorcery all year round, it felt perfectly suited for a November day.

sourpuss clothing backseat baby
sourpuss spiderweb purse
pinup couture jenny dress dark purple

Although I tend to carry around the same couple of purses all the time, I do have an extensive bag collection. This "Backseat Baby" spiderweb purse from Sourpuss fits right in. I love that it has a vintage-inspired clasp and the ideal amount of edge. (I also enjoy the fact that I actually am a backseat baby – my mom's band was called Backseat Sally!) This purse actually matches the purple Jenny dress I'm wearing perfectly, though it doesn't look like it in these photos. I had to bring it all together with the Steph Buscema fortune teller print scarf that Ashley gave me!

purple dress pinup
Outfit Details
Jenny Dress in Dark Purple: Pinup Girl Clothing
Purple Spiderweb Backseat Baby Purse: c/o Sourpuss Clothing
Steph Buscema fortune teller scarf: gift from Ashley (available here)
Chase & Chloe heels: Amazon

pinup hair scarf
Have a great start to your week!


  1. I love you in purple! I love the hue of this dress so much - if they ever release a Harley dress in this color, I am in BIG trouble!

    Glad you're feeling better! =D

  2. Look at me, commenting on your post (I'm finally on a desktop)! I love your hair in this post and I'm glad I finally got this dress so we can match :)

  3. I really love this purple dress on you and looks so wonderful matched with that awesome handbag! :)

  4. Gorgeous!! Love the dress and handbag! x

  5. Loving the purple on purple and that bag adds just the perfect amount of mystery! <3

  6. Darling outfit!!

    I have yet to get myself a Sourpuss purse, but they are just downright fabulous! I love the detail on this one!



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