Monday, July 18, 2016


pinup girl clothing harlequin skirt lavender vamp top

The harlequin prints from Pinup Girl Clothing continue to grow on me. I got this purple and green colorway on a Facebook swap and sell group (the dress version supposed to be coming back later this year), and while I'm glad I own it, it's very clear to me that it was put in the washing machine (and maybe even dried). I got it for a good price, but even so, it's annoying when people don't disclose the state of their garments when selling them. And as a general PSA: don't throw expensive items like these in the wash! I always dry clean my PUG dresses, and even for the stuff I do wash myself (like the peasant and vamp tops), I always wash on cold and always line-dry. You can't really tell from these photos, but this skirt has pilling and has faded a bit, and I also bought another vamp top that definitely went through the dryer. I know dry cleaning is expensive, but I'd much rather pay a little more to keep an expensive piece in great condition than even risk the chance of ruining it completely. Just a little laundering tip to start off your Monday morning. :)

pinup girl harlequin jenny skirt
pinup girl clothing vamp top
pinup girl harlequin
Outfit Details
Lavender Vamp Top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Harlequin Skirt: swap group (similar)
Name necklace: c/o Onecklace

pinup girl jenny skirt

I moved most of my stuff into my new apartment this weekend, but it's a bit of a process. I won't have electricity until Tuesday (and probably won't have internet 'til next week), so it gives me a bit of time to space things out, which makes it a bit less stressful. It's gonna be beautiful when it's all done, and I can't wait to show you guys! My first week of work went pretty well, and I'm hoping this week will have me feeling less overwhelmed with all there is to learn. I'm also hoping my backlog of blog photos will last for a little while until I get settled!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Good luck with the move process! You're almost there! It does take awhile - I found myself still settling in weeks after!

    What a bummer that these items were washed/dried. It's the one risky thing I hate about the swap groups. Most of the time you get all the info but sometimes sellers don't think to disclose and it's so frustrating! They look great on you, though! I don't dry clean but I do wash on delicate and hang dry everything - which keeps them in good shape (so far!!).

  2. To be fair, the PUG items I have all say they are machine washable (and hang-dry), though, like you, I've been hesitant to do that often, as I want them to remain in good condition.

    Good luck with your move. Also- you look so good in purple. You'd look cute in the full dress version of this print too.

    1. The harlequin skirt (and all of the other dresses and skirts I own from PUG, for that matter) specifically states that it's dry clean only and not to dry in a machine. I'm not sure which items you have, but I know the care instructions on the orange print Jenny skirt is the same. I do own some pieces (like Bernie Dexter dresses) that I wash in cold and line dry, even though they say dry clean only, but in general, a heavy sateen like that is going to lose its shape and show wear really easily if you were to wash it yourself! And thanks for your sweet comments. :)

  3. Good luck with the moving and yay for your first week at the job! You're doing great!!
    This is such a beautiful outfit. The rich purple colour looks amazing on you!
    Much love,

  4. I have a couple of PUG pieces and I have to admit, I washed my red floral Birdie in the washing machine after having spilled red wine on a white dress (yikes!) and it turned out perfectly fine. No fading, no stains.

    It's weird that PUG states most of their clothing is Dry Clean only, because cotton (sateen) is supposed to be one of the most durable materials there are and definitely machine washable in most brands (Hell Bunny and Collectif cotton sateen dresses wash fine). It's not good quality if it fades when handwashed or gently machine washed in low temperatures (I washed mine in 30 celcius).

    I also have the pink castle print Jenny skirt, which I'm a bit hesitant to wash in the washing machine, because of the pleating, but since it's a light color I think I can at least hand wash it without fading. Darker colors are more troublesome however, because of the drip marks they might get when hang dryed (and the fading). I simply don't have a place to flat dry them, but I don't want to pay 35€/piece when dry cleaning them. I would if I could afford it, but as I'm now, I'm gonna have to take a risk and save dry cleaning for dresses like my black and white Amanda, which would definitely get ruined in both hand wash and machine wash because of the huge color contrast. Other dresses of light colors will go to the washing machine and darkers colors get hand washed if they ever get dirty enough. Luckily you can just mostly air out cotton dresses and they're good to go, as long as you don't end up spilling wine or chocolate on them like I do...

  5. The colours in this skirt are so regal and pretty. In these photos at least, they don't look like they've been damaged through laundering to me. Shame that such is, in fact that case. I second what Mona said, in thinking about it, it's rather strange that PUG's cotton pieces would be created as "dry clean" only. Not that they're hurting for business, of course, but I suspect they'd sell even more if they made them more conducive to being washed at home.

    I hope that things continue to go positively with you move.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  6. Ahh moving is so tiring, glad it's going well for you though. It is good to have time to settle in and work out how you want things in the new place. I still have so much to unpack and many things to do! Super cute outfit too x

  7. Good luck with moving! And this outfit is darling! I love purple and green together so much!



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